Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sing Along 2

Phil Wickham has released another FREE live album, if your a fan head over to his site for the download.

Wife and I saw this concert, Awesome!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Don't Assault Me... REALLY!

So playing a game with Joe (nids), I was running my 1500pt fun list.  This list is essentially an Land Raider Crusader packed with Assault Termy Goodness!  Logan, Lord with Claws, Heavy Flamer, and TH/SS for 3++.

This list is awesome, makes for quick games... It either wrecks, or flames out... more time than not it goes down in flames, but it causes carnage!  Basically put LRC in full or partial cover.  Depending on who goes first.  Drop the pod to take big stuff out.. these guys got combi, and basically are completely sacrificial.  Total distraction to get my LRC up in combat.

Full 1500pts.. this is it.  And those PCs are proxies for MLs.
So yea... below pic'  do not assault me ... especially when in cover.  Wiped out everything!  Footnote... I LOST this game lol... objectives, and couldn't hold em'... but Joe and I both just laughed and had a great time!
It's all going down.. for the ALLFATHER AND RUSS!!!!

Once LRC rolls up, I get out and stomp until I'm dead, or there's nothing but bodies.

Oh yea, the LRC is from my first Black Templar Army.  I liked the scheme, and it's one of the first vehicles I painted.. so can't bring myself to strip and repaint.


Painting Blood Angels

While I am sticking with my boycott of Games Workshop, I still have plenty of armies laying around. Started painting a Blood Angels Chaplain with jump pack.