Friday, August 3, 2012

Competitive 40k

I like competitive players, I really do.  They bring a fresh look to the game when it gets stale.  I can always rely on the competitive players to come up with a new spin on a List.  However..

 I read a blog post related to 40k, basically classifying players as three types:


It's not new, based on an even older article written by a dude who played *ahem* Arcade Games competitively.

I'm sorry, this isn't a sport, it's not Chess... it's not even poker.  Does it take skill to play Craps, not really, it takes some knowledge, but that doesn't make you the TOP Craps player... I don't think I've seen a Craps Tournament on TV.

Question, "What's better than winning the Silver at the Special Olympics?"

I think a majority of competitive 40k players would say "GOLD!" without hesitation...

Many who understand that this is a random, fun game, that's been reiterated adnauseam by GW.. Fun, Narrative, Cinematic..  would answer the question correctly, "Not being retarded".

I like tournaments, competing is cool, but don't try to sell me that their should be rankings, or that this game takes some monumental amount of skill to be good.  Sorry, it doesn't.. it takes a bit of knowledge, and willingness to understand the rules... not to suck!  I never saw a  "great player" win a game consistently rolling bad.