Thursday, March 31, 2011

Face Value

See the comments in this post.  Blogger answers a question plainly, using the rulebook... and the picking apart of the each syllable of the rules begins in the comments.

One thing that I dislike generally in this game, thou it's not prevalent in our gaming group... why I generally don't play outside of it.

Is how people will just pick the rules apart when the rule is obvious.  I find it ironic that 99% of the time the person(s) picking the rule apart, is trying to help the army they play.

I recently read a post whereas someone was asking a question about assault vehicles, specifically the Land Raider.  He wanted to know "Can I move 12", dump my guys, and Assault".  A poster responded that he could not do that... about 8 posts later of arguments, he explained you can't "dump" troops... you can "disembark".

While there are some good peeps that play this game, there are alot of socially inept, rude, smelly turds as well.

Thankfully, I haven't played against one directly yet... well, at least the one I did had good hygiene.

If you have followed that post, read the comments, and feel the need to "clarify" something about that rule... give yourself a quick "sniff", make sure you don't need to shower.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Games Play, Picked up a Brush

I've taken about a two week break from painting and it has been nice.  Just to get stuff done around the house, and play a couple of games in between.

Played a good Chaos vs. Tyranids... I play against Tyranids ALOT!

I ran a DP (wings/lash), two squads of Berzerkers (Rhino/Land Raider), squad of CSM w/ Rhine (MoS), 8xDaemonettes, and round it out with two Defilers.

This list proved to be freakishly devastating against Nids.  Defilers actually didn't do much, Zerkers with an Assault vehicle stomped.  Daemonettes did their job, as well as the CSM with MoS (initiative 5).

Second game, the group mixed things up a bit.  Our Nid player Joe joined me for some SW action, and see how it is from my side of the table, while Ben wanted to try Joe's nids.  The only thing Ben knows of Nids is what he's seen against them.

I brought two lists, Joe rolled for which one to use.. Wolfstar.

This was a one-sided battle that started off horribly (rolling), but in the end we won, only losing two models.

After a two week hiatus, decided to paint up a couple of 'shooty' Terminators.  I have plently of Assault Terminators, so thought I would use the last bits I had laying around to paint up two guys with guns.

Some base colors done.

Red WarPaint

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cool Site, NOT 40k related :-)

Good friend of mine is taking a glassblowing class.  Name is Matt, same guy who took my 1G pictures.

Definitely worth checking out

Be sure to check the slideshow, great pics!

Monday, March 14, 2011

It Was Fun..

It was fun while it lasted, but gotta throw in the towel.  Real life is creeping in, and the time I'm spending painting plastic models just seems less and less important.

Taking a break from it all.

I really appreciate everyone who followed along for the ride, and hope you enjoyed the bits I got to share.

As of today, I managed to finish 1500 Chaos, 1500 nids, 1850+ Space Wolves, and just over a 1000 Orks.  lol the bane of my painting existence.

Bloggin' out.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chaos Take Four

Still mucking around with the color schemes.  I really like the Red/Purple, however trying to get it right is tough.  For one, I don't see it the way everyone else does.

I have gone with a darker purple, and still trying to land the red.  I included a "before" picture.  As some of you know, the Chaos figs are in disarray and I'm repainting.  So I have my Icon Bearer that is coming up next.

As you can see, I'm just going to keep painting the squad, and compare figs to determine the colors I like :-)

can you tell the difference in shades?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moving On...

I paid extra close attention to mold lines.

After spending way too much time on one fig, I've moved on.

I have the Daemonettes and Gargoyles built and primed.  Started painting the Gargoyles a bit tonight, was hoping to get more done but I've been slacking.

I stuck as to a scheme for the Daemonettes, thinking a pink base, purple wash, pink/white top coat, white highlights... wow that's a mouthful.

Tall Flesh for the wings

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chaos Color Schemes, again

Reworked a bit better
I reworked the purple.  Essentially mixing my own adding some Mordian Blue and using the Purple Wash.

I like it, the contrast is there, but still not what I was going for.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chaos Color Schemes

This is where I suffer.  I'm color blind, so I typically have to search the net for schemes I like and note the colors used.

So, I venture out on my own to come up with a Slaneesh/Khorne (hehe I know) scheme.

This is what you get when you give a color blind guy paints...

NOT complete, Just base color for ideas

Sunday, March 6, 2011

1G Month Two, Space Wolves

Space Wolves
Month two has seen me complete the four month requirement for Space Wolves.  I have a bit over 1850 painted to a "Table Top" quality.  I am missing some minor things, lenses, mud on tracks, etc., however I am happy with them and will continue to work on them.

Matt was cool enough to take pictures of the entire batch, so without further delay may I present the full gambit of my Space Wolves.

Space Wolves
Wolf Priest, Wolf Guard Battle Leader, and Rune Priest
Two Rhino's, Three ten man Grey Hunter Squads

Two Razorbacks for two five man Long Fang Squads
Two Drop Pods, carry Wolf Guard Terminators (8), or Blood Claws (8+Lukas and Wolf Priest)
Misc Pictures

Grey Hunters
Rune Priest
Wolf Priest
Wolf Guard

1G Month Two, Orks


Ugh, these guys have became the bane of Tale of One Gamer.  Orks are cool, and the models are great.. well, the newer models are great.  The older models are hideous maximus!  Unfortunately, I had a ton of old vehicles on hand, and used what I had available.  Last month I was able to get into a little motivating groove, this month I painted everything BUT these guys.  I did pull it out in the end, and got em' done.  so here are da Orks..


This month up front, last month waaay in the back behind Buggies
Warboss PK, actually had fun repainting this fig.
Three more of these Mattel looking bikes
Three Buggies look like this, Hasbro Warning ages 2 and Up
Another Truk, Nob and ...
Eleven more Boyz
Seven Stormboyz, guess Matt thought these guys sucked as this is the only close up pic, lol
Misc Pictures
Stormboys, Bikes and Buggies
Future's so bright, I gotta wear .. meh ;-)
Hmmm have to touch up his Eyepiece.. looks like poo
Meh II, the Electric Boogalooooo...
For Gork and Mork.. and the Lazy bum who missed the mold lines!  WAAAAAGH!

1G Month Two, Chaos


This army became a close second behind Tyranids on the "eagerness" to paint scale.  I was just muddling through this months list, and just came up with this fluffy idea for a Khorne Warband.  They would be a wandering marauding band of berserkers, that have attracted the interest of some Slaneesh followers.

Toss in a song from Slayer, and Reign in Blood was born.  I have ALOT more I want to do to these guys, but I did get the "Table Top" requirement met.

Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Bikers with MoK
Reign in Blood Rhino (left hatch at home)
 Misc Pictures
Rhino Top Hatch
UGH, I see a mold line I missed!

Land Raider I'm working on for next month
More to come next month!

1G Month Two, Tyranids


Month two I was painting alot of big bugs.  I can't convey how much I enjoy painting Tyranids.  The simplicity and the results is just amazing.  Good color scheme that I really dig, plus some simple highlighting, and lastly some "dip"..  Produces a great mini for the tabletop, it's just amazing.

I had painted a Mawlok last month, that makes into this month, however did overdo it.  I painted a Carnifex (also double as a Tervigon), and Trygon/Prime.  I didn't neglect the small guys, finding time to add five more Genestealers and a Broodlord to the list.  On the table this mini-Monster Mash is loads of fun to play.. just ask Joe!

Last month in the back, This months mini's up front
Trygon and Mawlok (note, mouths are NOT glued for easy swap)
Carnifex (note arms are magnetized)
Genestealers, note this month I did make a mistake.  I forgot the highlight prior to the dip :-(
Misc Pictures
Trygon or Trygon Prime

I did this AWESOME color blend on the Bonesword... that was ruined by the dip.  Have to be more careful.