Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Projects: Razorback n' Long Fangs

Ok, long post.  This is what I got done tonight (note, I eat lunch at home.. so models were primed at lunchtime hehe).

Showing step by step my vehicle painting, partly so I remember what I did so I can recreate another three or so times.  As always click for larger.

Base coated with my SWMix, it's thinner than pot consistency, base coat with a large brush making sure it doesn't settle in the details.  Dries nice without brush strokes due to the thinness of the paint.  Takes two coats.

Next is the blue wash.  I wash the whole model using two larger brushes.  The smaller brush (Round 8) is for the .. smaller areas.  I leave the blue "puddled" on flat surfaces as I want this to show through on the final.   You'll notice I do the same on the next wash below.

Next is the black wash.  Same as above, entire model leaving some puddled on the flat areas.

Final is the dry brush.  First pass is with the original base color, second is Space Wolves Grey.  You'll notice you can see the various washes showing through.  I like this "aged" look.  Some of these vehicles are supposed to be thousands of years old.  I like the well maintained, but ancient vehicles.  Patrolling on Fenris outside the Fang :-)

Doors, not sure what to do with the doors.  I know I am supposed to use Black/White combo for Long Fang insignia, however I imagine this vehicle will spend most of it's time as a Rhino carrying Grey Hunters... So.

I used Red Gore, which like all yellow/red Citidal pigments blows hard!  Consistency sucks, thinking of investing in Reaper or Vallejo reds.. anyway... I basically put on a thick coat, let it sorta dry, then stippled with a brush.  Going for a "rough" appearance.

Long Fangs who are gonna ride inside, got their basecoat tonight.  Had time while waiting for ink washes to dry.

Ok long post, sorry.. but got a bit done tonight, tomorrow headin up to Anthem to get schooled.  I'm anxious to play veteran players.  I've only played in our noob group, and know we've probably been doing stuff wrong.  So I'll be taking notes :-)

So far...

(click for larger)

So far I have the following painted:

30 Grey Hunters:  2xPowerFist, 1xPowerWeapon, 3xFlamer, 3xMelta
8 Blood Claws:  1xPower Weapon, 1xFlamer
6 Wolf Guard Terminators
1 Wolf Lord Terminator Armor
1 Rune Priest
1 Wolf Priest
1 Drop Pod

Ok, so I went overboard on the Terminators, but they were great fun!  I just loved the minis, and had some extra Terminator bodies that allowed me to add a couple of more.

I went nuts on Infantry too, but I LOVE infantry.  They're so fluffy.  When my buddies and I first tried 40k it was fourth edition, we only played one game and never really learned the rules.  I do however seem to remember that you didn't have as much infantry.  In fifth you need troops to hold objectives, and the more the merrier.  

Blood Claws I just added because I finished the Space Wolf Omnibus, and started the second... Blood Claws are fluffy cool... Mathhammer fail from what I understand, but I don't care.. just the idea of these new pack members, still unable to control the Canis Helix, and frothing at the mouth for action.. Just fluffy awesomesauce!

Wolf Priest was an afterthought, I didn't have one and I like the idea of Chappy dudes.  Probably left over from Black Templars (Army I build never really played).  I enjoyed their fluff, and the idea of priests in Space Wolves is different in a cool way!

Still haven't decided which Wolf Lord this is.. I've bounced around a few, some are fluffy awesome but competitive fail.  Two of which seem cool, can't remember their names off the top of my head.  They are the last two in the codex prior to the 13th.

Sven 'something', as the idea of doing some runic tattoo's on their faces would be cool, like the dude in 13th Warrior. 

His competitive counterpart who loves flamers, and whose Grey Hunters earn a rite of passage.. Once they kill an enemy by flame, they earn the honor of painting thier faces Blood Red before battle... Come on, you gotta love that!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Projects: Wolf Priest Done

(click for larger)

Wolf Priest done.  Sometimes I really wish I had the patience, but I don't.  If I can't knock it out in a couple hours, then I lose interest.  Either way it's tabletop ready, and I like the consistent look amongst the entire army, and I'm not going for an award :-)  

Weather is not permitting priming outside, so I haven't made much progress on all the toys I got for Christmas.  Started on a Razorback, just getting the interior ready for prime.  Guess I'll start on the others, I hate mould lines.  I do take the time to scrape em', but not enough.  There's no excuse for that, I gotta be more disciplined, I hate em'  and just when I think everything is done... I end up finding one that I missed.  

Example, when posting the above pic, I found two I had missed UGH!

(click for larger)

Projects: Wolf Priest

(click for larger)

I didn't have a Wolf Priest so decided to scrounge up some bits to make one.  Here he is with the first ink wash.

I have to say I am more than a bit disappointed that so many models are unavailable.  Apparently this is common, thou in my opinion unacceptable.

Feel like I purchased a $900 Chess Set with pieces missing.  When I reach out to other players or even the manufacturer.. they tell you to just make your own pieces.  Pretty lame :-(

I do have a support call into Games Workshop, just curious how they will respond.  I had stated that I was new to the game, was starting a Space Wolves army.  However, I could not figure out how to:

a.  Field Long Fangs with Missile Launchers only, (they don't sell individual blisters).
b.  Calvary.

While I'm not personally interested in the calvary, I'm curious as to what their suggestion may be.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Projects: Blood Claws

Blood Claws almost done.  Have to Boltgun Metal overbrush some of the grenedes and such, but otherwise fin. Yea, no eyeballs.  Until I find some well of patience overflowing deep inside me, or they happen to take down an HQ, no eyeballs.

Did some runes in yellow on their right shoulder pad to denote they're Blood Claws.  Also do a small rune on the back of the base.  This was on table top I can tell one pack from another.  I easily get mixed up with my Grey Hunters are mobbed in one area.  I'll have to snap a pick of that sometime.

As always click for larger images.  I've begun to scale them down a bit, as they were over 4000+ pixels in size before :-)

If you look closely, you'll notice a couple old wolfie heads in there ;-)

EDIT:  LOL, realized I goofed!  If you look in the last pick, you'll notice the cool trooper with the flamer, only he's supposed to be carrying a meltagun!  ugh!  failsauce!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Upcoming Projects!

(click for larger)

Well with Christmas gifts opened, I have a few more items on my project table!  Squad of Devastator's (Long Fangs), two Rhino's, and two Razorbacks.

Painting vehicles with a brush eats up alot of paint!  As I haven't got enough of my SW Mix made, I'll have to "eyeball" mix some more :-(  Note to self, take precise measurements.  I had intended to, but couldn't find my lil' plunger with the ml measurements.  Good news is I have plenty mixed to compare with.  Shadow Grey+Space Wolves Grey+Skull White... unfortunately I can't remember if I added a touch of Mordian Blue or not o.O!

So the plan in order:
1.  Wrap up the Blood Claws
2.  Wrap up Lukas
3.  Build out, paint the Long Fangs
(All infantry models done!)
4.  Razorback

For the Razorback I want to paint the interior.  In the last book of the Space Wolf Omnibus, the description of the interior of a drop pod describes the mural on the interior depicting battles.  I want to do something along those lines.  Nothing crazy, but there is plenty of open area.  Maybe make use of some 'green stuff' .. I dunno.  Just bouncing around ideas :-)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ultramarines the Movie

(NO spoilers!)

Thursday night the 4G fellas got together at my place to eat, drink, and watch Ultramarines the Movie.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  While the CGI is not Pixar/ToyStory quality, it is good and the story was fantastic.  It was not mindless action, and what I would have expected from a writer such as Dan Abnett!

Really good movie, GREAT voice acting!  Highly recommend to anyone who is (or isn't) a fan of 40k.

My wife, who knows little about 40k watched and enjoyed the movie.  She thought it was a good movie and really enjoyed the story and characters.  Gave her some insight in this game of plastic toy soldiers we play, and you don't have to know all the backstory or lingo to understand the movie.

Merry Christmas!

4G Update: Space Wolves

Painting update, some pics to show the status of the Blood Claws, and Lukas.  Adding Lukas in my 1000pt list (and beyond).

Lukas the Trickster

Blood Claws Pack
(if you look closely you'll notice a couple of 'old' heads in there, from a Blood Claws box set I bought ages ago to swipe the chainsword arms for my Black Templars)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Time for bed.. finished wrapping gifts, church service was awesomesauce tonight.  Can't wait till morning!

Finished up the Space Wolves Omnibus, overall very good.  Had some obvious mistake complaints earlier that I overlooked due to the age of the book.  Will pick up the next three books soon as things slow down.

Wrapping up the Blood Claws.  Have to do faces, bases, and the last Delvan Mud Ink on em'.  Good thing, come tom... err today, I'll have two Rhino's and a Razorback!

May pitch in to help Lars.  500pts is due Jan 8th, and he's just getting the Space Marine Battleforce tommorrow!  I'll do the prep for him while he's out (next week), so gives him just a week to paint up!

Not much pity thou, he had Chaos ready to go, but changed his mind last minute to run Blood Angels for 4G.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas, and remember why we celebrate ;-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

4G Update: Space Wolves

4G Space Wolves Rosters (500/1000)
(click for larger)

While I had all my painting completed, decided on swapping in some Blood Claws, because they are fluffy win (while competitive fail).  They look cool, enjoy the poses and totally fit into the books I'm reading (Space Wolf Ominbus).  So they have base color, but have the next few steps to do.

500 Points
Wolf Guard Battle Leader (Terminator), Pair of Wolf Claws

Squad 1:
Grey Hunters Pack, 7xGrey Hunters, Power Fist & Meltagun

Squad 2:
Grey Hunters Pack, 7xGrey Hunters, Power Weapon & Meltagun

Squad 3:
Blood Claws Pack, 7xBlood Claws, Meltagun

1000 Points
Adding the following:

Squad 1, 3 more Grey Hunters, Flamer

Squad 2, 3 more Grey Hunters, Flamer

Squad 3, 1 more Blood Claw & Lukas the Trickster

Heavy Support:
Long Fangs, 2xLascannon, 2xPlasmacannon, 1xSquad Leader

On the Razorback, not sure if I'll go with Twinlinked Las or Assault.  Sure the Las is obviously much better, but the Twinlinked Assault Cannon is just fluffy cool!  That and I can just pluck the Twinlinked Assault Cannon off of my Black Templars LRC ;-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BatRep: Chaos vs Space Wolves

Have the week off, Lars and I got together to knock out a quick 1000pt game.  On the dining room table ;-)

He placed all terrain, and went waaaay overboard.  He fields a Defiler and he killed line of site with terrain.  This was really cool, instead of setting up for a tactical advantage.. he just set it up in a way he thought was cool n' fluffy....  then groaned during deployment haha.

(NOTE:  Click for Larger Images!)

List Summaries:
Daemon Prince (wings/khorne), 15 Zerkers, 10 CSM, 5 Havoks (LCx2/HBx2), Defiler

Space Wolves (whatever I got painted)
WGBL(Term/Claws), 5xWGTerms/Droppid(2xTH/SS, 2xClaws, 1xAC), Grey Hunters(8+PF/Melta),
Grey Hunters(8+PF/Melta & Wolf Stand).


Seize Ground/Spearhead.  Lars(Chaos) won roll, went first.  Four objectives (stars).

Lars(Chaos) totally screwed up, meh were noobs.  He got confused with deployment thinking I could deploy next to him (got mixed up from our three way games).  So he castled in the corner, and later determined he picked the worst corner.. furthest from the objectives.

I placed my Grey Hunters for one Objective cap, the WGBL and GH headed for the woods for the second (woods marked by the lil' sponges), put Long Fangs in the building to cover approaches to the objectives and the one to their right.  Planned on dropping the Termy's to contest the third objective.

Progression (Multiple Turns)...

(Failed to steal initiative)
(NOTE:  Click for Larger Images!)

Turn 1
Lars, send DP/Zerks towards the wooded objective on my side.  This surprised me, thought he would head straight forward.  Defiler moves forward for a couple turns looking for a clear shot.  CSM's move towards the woods to seize an objective.

Rob (SW), Troops all move towards their respective objectives.  Pod drops right next to the one I want to contest.  DP is visible and Long Fangs pop a couple of shots, inflicting two wounds.

Turn 2
Lars, send DP/Zerks towards the wooded objective.  Defiler keeps moving forward, CSM hide behind the woods.  Havoks move out of the building to get some shots.

Rob, I move my AC Termy for a shot at the zerks, he takes two of them out.  Long Fangs take out another 6.. Plasma Cannon was Awesomesauce!  (see '1' image below) I know he is going to assault my doodz.  I had to get them in cover, and thin out some troops.

Turn 3 and 4 (didn't take good notes, so summary)

Lars Assaults my doodz in the woods (see '2', image below), remarkably no leadership check it's a draw.  Both sides inflicting 5 wounds.  Figure that we'll wipe each other next turn, so I start to spread out my other GH as they can cover both objectives.

Lars is anxious to get a shot off with the defiler, so instead of running.  He stops to shoot the Autocannon.  Big mistake, as he doesn't cause a wound, and takes to LC shots in return, getting wrecked (see '3', image below).  Termy's take cover.  CSM move into woods to start shooting.

(NOTE:  Click for Larger Images!)

Lars rolls HORRIBLY with DP... WGBL and DP both Initiative 5 strike at the same time  (figured I would get wiped but take the DP and one remaining fearless zerker with me).  I cause 2 rends, and one wound (DP had one remaining), he hits 4, but rolls ones, only causing 2 wounds.  Again (if we are playing correctly, no leadership test, as we win and assault Ld checks are separate from 25% losses from shooting).  Just to make sure I roll a Ld check, pass.

His Havoks and CSM waste three of my Long Fangs, but they stick around.  Return fire PC's take out all but one of his Havoks.  He passes Ld (thou he was below 50%, not sure if screwed that up, if I remember you can't regroup if your below 50%, he never failed Ld check) and he stays on the board.  

Lars hasn't much left, one troop choice and a LC Havok.  He calls it as I hold two objectives, and contest one.  After seeing the damage the WGBL in Term Armour did, he doesn't attempt to dislodge the Terms contesting.

Victory for the Son's of Russ!

Lars:  "I totally goofed, forgot the spearhead deployment.. put way too much terrain on the board, left my DP in LoS when it would have been easy to hang him back.  Forgot about assaulting units in Cover."

Rob:  "Win or Lose I was just happy rolling was decent for both sides.  Last couple of games, I was wiffing ALOT.  I stuck to my game plan, something I have trouble doing.  I guess I'm still used to Orks in epic.  I want to charge forward and waste guys.  I almost moved my Terminators to cut off Defiler and CSM's.  That would've been a huge mistake that would have opened my flank.  Instead I just told myself to stick with the plan, and it worked.  It shutdown the whole side from Lars."

Monday, December 20, 2010

William King Come ON!

Ok I know the Space Wolves Omnibus books are older (1999),  but come on, the fluff has been out for ages.  GW earliest descriptions of Space Marines describes them as over 7ft tall, and if memory serves 8ft in power armor.

Sooo.. given that information.  When your asked to write about one of the cornerstones of the fluff (ie space marines), get it right.  Don't describe a female psyker as being "almost as tall", or an imposing Imperial Commander as being "taller than Sergeant..".. Reeeally, so Yao Ming is a Commissar?

I know it's being picky, but these are genetically enhanced super warriors... not just guys like on 'juice'.. ya know Jose and Barry.

First book was great, second book..story is great, but when you can't get the basics down.. meh.  I'll keep going and pretend I didn't read it, or that the commander is wearing some disco lifts or something.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Book

Just finished the first book in the Omnibus, what a great book!  I never get tired of reading about individual Space Marine Chapters.  The differences between them are vast.  Space Wolves are no exception.  Good book, that I recommend to anyone who enjoys reading Space Marine related novels.

Have taken a bit of a break from painting last two days.  Only as I haven't much left until Christmas.  So far have the following painted.

30 Grey Hunters:  (3)Melta, (3) Flamer, (2) PowerFist, (1) Power Weapon
6 Terminators: (3) TH/SS, (2) Pair WC, (1) AC/PF
5 Long Fangs:  (2) LC, (2) PC, (1) SGT
1 Rune Priest
1 Drop Pod

Christmas I have the following on the way:
2 Rhinos
2 Razorbacks
1 Devastator Box Set (have the torso's and bits to make em' Long Fangs)

I have my lists done for 4G, but planning on having various units to swap out and mix things up a bit.  I miss painting Orks, so may pick up some of the Orks I have, and I have ALOT!  Figure I probably have 30+ boys still on sprue.  After painting Black Legion, then painting Black Templars, it's been refreshing not painting BLACK!

Did I mention that I really like seeing completed Armies :-)  I may need an intervention haha, but seriously focusing on Space Wolves and learning this game!

Off to start the second book :-)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thought I'd give some background on the fluffy stuff.  While I am a total noob to Warhammer 40k the Game, I am not new to the stories and fluff.

I have been familiar with the background and fluff for years, and have read numerous Black Library books.  I'd have to say personally it's what peeked my interest in Space Marines.  Orks and Chaos always interested me, and Space Marines just came across as boring and noobish.. Until I read some good books.

Off the top of my head, I've read:
Soul Drinkers Omnibus, Ultramarines series, Daemon World, Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy in Flames, Lord of the Night, Angels of Darkness, Let the Galaxy Burn, Helsreach.  I'm probably missing a few :-)

'Lord of the Night' was one of my favorites, it's an older one but absolutely fantastic, and one reason why I considered a Night Lords army.

Just picked up the 'Space Wolves Omnibus', I enjoy their fluff and hopefully the story is good.  I already invested quite a bit in them.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Found this link internet search, on 40k Wrecking Crews forums.

Next Level Painting

All I can say is "WOW!"

4G Update: Space Wolves

Well I'm done painting my 500pts, and have most of the individual models completed all the way through to my 1500pt list.

Have two Rhinos, and two Razorbacks coming for Christmas to finish my base lists.

Currently facing a dilemma, do I go a lil'fluffy for my 1850 or... Uber Fluffy!  I'm really leaning towards the uber fluffy route.  I've read a ton online, and I know I could run WolfStar or 12+ Missile Launchers, 5man/Melta Rhinos, 2+ Rune Priests... but I have to be honest.  I'm a total noob... I wouldn't even know how to run these lists effectively. 

So might as well make something fluffy and fun, that will get some laughs, and learn the hard way.. then when I understand how things work together, and I decide to be more competitive I'll put a tougher list together that is more competitive.

This doesn't mean I'm going to make the Black Templar mistake of buying models that I will NEVER use, fluff or not... While I paint quickly, I don't like to paint stuff that just sits on a shelf.  I have learned in my illustrious 2-3 months of 40K you should build the list first.. this Game/Hobby is too expensive to invest money in something that NEVER gets used.

So if your new like me..  Figure out what works for you, fluffy or no, and build a list before you buy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well being a new gamer to 40k means ya gotta get out and find games.  Currently it's just three guys and myself learning the rules and playing together.

Was going to make my first trip to the LGS, but I'm on-call this week and code pushes are scheduled for Thursdays.  I was excited and it was wishful thinking.  Top it off, group can't get together Friday to watch the movie, gotta wait till sometime next week.

Good news, I'm not on call the week of Christmas (had the last two), and after Christmas I'm sure more peeps will have more time.

That and I only have 1250pts of Space Wolves, and that's scraping the bottom of the bucket haha.

Ultramarines Movie Has Arrived!

Came home for lunch, and this was on my doorstep !!!!  Finally...
And the best part....

So I may not make it to the LGS tonight, as I maybe doing a screening with my 4G group on Friday instead!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rune Priest

I gotta finish this guy, at least add some detail as he's an HQ, but alas like many others this is as far as I'll probably get.  Unless he does good in a battle.  I've only played about 10 games, but if a unit does well in battle, I get motivated to add a bit more to them.

Gotta figure out how to take pics correctly.  Models get sorta "washed" and pale in my pics.

Painting Grey Hunters

I'm wrapping up the final four Grey Hunters for my list.  Typically I do ten at a time, assembly line style.. "brown, brown, next fig, brown, brown, next fig".  Took some pics (missing a couple of steps), but you get the idea.  They look good (table top), and they're pretty easy to crank out.

At this stage, I've primed black, applied base color, and washed with Mordian Blue (terms get Asurmen Blue wash instead).  Next is to apply a Chaos Black ink wash, a dry brush with the original base color then ..
I apply Bleached Bone, Dwarf Bronze, and Calthan Brown to certian bits.  I will ink wash these with Delvan Mud wash to get something like...
The bits on the bolt pistol (boltgun metal), and chainsword (chainmail) get a black ink wash.  Above you can see I missed the wash on the chainsword :-).  

That's about it, love or hate dry brushing/wash methods, you can't argue how quick it is.  While I personally think the layered method looks better, I just can't crank out troops as fast.  Maybe I'll give layering a go on my next Army, and see if I can't get a bit faster with it.


Monday, December 13, 2010

4G: Tale of Four Gamers Reboot

We're rebooting our Tale of Four Gamers(4G), as we are updating to 1850 pts.

4 Gamers, 4 Armies, 4 months, 4 Fun!

Ben: Eldar
Joe: Tyranids
Lars: Blood Angels
Rob: Space Wolves
Jan 8th: 500pts painted
Feb 5th: 500pts painted
Mar 5th: 500pts painted
Apr 2d: 350pts painted and Objective Marker modeled/painted
Palace o' Joe, Tampa
3pts Painted on time, 0pts if not.
1pts for Objective Marker
Random Draw on dates
3pts, win
2pts, draw
1pt, loss
3 weekends in between due dates can be used for Mini-Matches to gain points.
1pt per match (win, lose, or draw). Up to 3 max.
Please post any questions below.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Some pictures of my Terminators. When I get sometime I will post the stages I go thru to paint them. Basically I paint figs VERY quickly. I personally like to get a good looking army out fast. The method I use I crank em' out 10x's as fast compared to how I used to paint. I feel the tradeoff is worth it. I see results quicker, less burnout, and get em' on the table faster.

You can see I haven't quite finished them (Storm Shield below), but I painted the Terminators, Drop Pod, and 6 Grey Wolves in a week.
With Drop Pod.


How do you possibly fail 9 of 12 3+ saves.

BatRep: Chaos vs Space Wolves

Space Wolves

Ok, this game recap is very simple BAD ROLLING! Joe and Lars (Chaos), steamrolled Ben and I (Space Wolves).

First turn Razorback shoots Twin Linked Las Cannon at defiler, rolling Snake Eyes... and it went all downhill from there. Terminator Lord rolling 5 attacks, hits with one 6 rend.. the rest 1-3's. Second Terminator rolling four attacks, 1-3's. Leadership rolls, 1 success 3 failures. Pinning test, double sixes. PowerFist, 3 attacks... 1-3's (Twice). It was horrible all the way around.

Only saving grace was Chaos Space Marines losing one model, but having to take a Leadership Test for losing the assault, failed leadership and ran 11" off the board.

Chaos Dread went into fire frenzy and killed more chaos guys, than the Space Wolves.

I don't mind losing, but bad rolling makes for boring games on both sides.

Final nail, DP with 2 remaining wounds wipes a squad that misses all attacks (to include PF), then teams up with Beserkers to assault Grey Hunters squad in cover. Cool we get first strikes.. causing ... 1 wound which is saved. Return fire... squad is wiped. We called it.

More pics, and More (unedited) be patient as were getting used to taking photos, most came out blurry.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Game This Saturday

Game this Saturday, will take some pics. Points haven't been decided yet, I'll bring my SW. Have some *meh* lists, but they look good. Half the painting is done.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Space Wolves 750 Pt. List

Friendly games, here's my list for 750pt games this weekend.

Rune Priest: Power Armor, CC+BP, Fury & Jaws

5 Grey Hunters, 1xFlamer
1 PF

5 Grey Hunters, 1xFlamer
1 PF

Long Fangs, 2xLC, 2xPC (no missile models)
Razor, TLLC

Long Fang with Razor seems overkill, and cuts into my troop size, BUT play Chaos Player that fields a Defiler (Large Template S8, AP3) and DP. As well as, nid player that will field a Fix and HT.

My opponents will field same number of troop choices as I. I would drop the Razorback, however last match my Lascannons failed to hit or pen in three rounds of shooting.

Tale of Four Gamers

Yep, buddies and I are gonna give this a go.

Objective: Three Months, 500 pts a Month, Objective Counters and Matches.

Ben, Eldar
Joe, Tyranids
Lars, Chaos
Doomicon, Space Wolves

Dec 11, is the first due date. I've got my 500pts done and Objective Marker, will post the list and pics tonight :-)