Sunday, January 30, 2011

1G: Chaos Sneak Peek

Few touch ups and fin.
Hive Tyrant left... and then priming and base color Orks for next month ;-)

One more week, I'll have pictures of all 500pts for each.  Till then, back to painting ;-)

Happy Gasparilla'


Friday, January 28, 2011

1G Fail

Why ooooh why did I choose Orks as one of the Armies.  I committed to do four armies in four months, and Orks are utter fail for this project.  Too many models to paint!

Looking ahead for what I have to paint next month:

Space Wolves:
Gotta get at least a Rhino done to stay ahead of the game.

12 Termagants and a Trygon... ok not bad.  Still gotta get the trygon put together.

4 Terminators, and 2 Defilers... hmm two more big models.. ok.. doable

11 Boys
6 Stormboys
4 Bikes
3 Warbuggys
and a Truk

What is even worse, I haven't even figured out an 1850pt list for them yet.  Only figured them out up to 1500pts, and even that list is a bit short :-(

I should've done Black Templars *sigh*.  I gotta ton of BT's I could've worked on.  If I only hadn't made the oath that I wouldn't touch another BT or paint black, until the next Codex came out.

.. then they update the Black Templar FAQ.

Update:  After writing this, I spent the morning base coloring the Stormboyz, hopefully get the Buggies primed this evening.  Figure I will juggle Berzerkers and Orks, paint Zerks, while drying, paint Orks... rinse n' repeat.  I've had to do this most of the time, so still gonna keep chugging along.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

1G: I'm Not Your BOOTLICK!

Repainting is Work
Working on Berzerker's tonight, and it is ALOT of work.  Most of these figs are painted to one degree or another.  All of them bad!  Fortunately, I've been blazing thru em' tonight.. hence the motivation to post and take pics :-)

I thinned a couple of red's and did a complete touch up of the base color.  Then applied Baal Red wash.  I redid all the brass bits with Dwarf Bronze, and began the second wash with full strength Delvan Mud.


So far so good, but these will be a tedious road of touch up work.  Good News, I've been in a super painting mood last few days.  Since knocking out the Orks, I've gotten excited about possibly wrapping up early, however that is looking more and more unlikely.

I can feel the warp overtaking me.. it's a good pain!

I received the missing leg for the Hive Tyrant from GW, their support was excellant btw :-)  Magnetized him, and primed him.  Broke a bit on my Dremel  during this process.  The plastics were easy as pie, the metal was a PAIN!

Ready for paint, magnets(and Hive Tyrant) from :-)
Have a super busy weekend!  Friday night Birthday Party, Saturday is Gasparilla with the Family, not sure when I'll find time to paint.  I maybe pushing it a bit as there is only 10 days left for me to finish o.O

What's left....

Hive Tyrant, 12x Berserker's, 2x Skull Champ's.

Wayland Games Order

More Nids On the Way
For Ben n' Joe :-D

Placed an order from Wayland Games for more Tyranids.  Have some Gargoyles, Genestealers, Termagants, and Broollord on the the way.

While I always like to support the Local Store, it's tough when the closest store is full retail, and isn't what I would call a 40k supporter.  The store across the bay, just stopped providing a 15% discount, and it's 35 minutes one way.

The prices as Wayland Games were just too ridiculous!  Box of Gant's for $19, Terminators for $34, and that's not counting the additional %6 code I got in email!

I also thru in package of five JumpPacks for $9 (Lars' Blood Angels).

While I was going to go with the T.Hive Guard and Hive Guard route.. but even with discount it's a bit pricey to justify for an army I'm tecnically just painting.  If I decide to keep the Army, I can add those guys later.  Besides I have 3xTrygon(Mawloc)'s in the list :-D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1G: Orks Sneak Peek

500pts Almost Done...
Just about to wrap up the Ork 500, will move on to the 12 or so Berserkers for the Chaos 500.

In the meantime, have all the parts for the Hive Tyrant, figure I'll knock him out this week while waiting for stuff to dry.  Hive Tyrant is the last unit for the Tyranid 500.

So with 13 days left until the first due date, I may actually have all four 500 point armies painted.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Painting Space Wolves Terminator Part 1

I took step-by-step pictures of painting my Space Wolves Terminator, and never posted an article.

Better late than never :-)

As always, click image for larger.

Primed Black then apply base color

First step is the prime the model black, and apply base coat over the model.  For my base coat I use a custom color mix of Shadow Grey, Space Wolves Grey and Skull White.  This mix is thinned with water.  If I had to do them over, I would skip the custom color and use Fenris Grey, as it just plain roxorz!  Let this dry!

Asurmen Blue Wash entire model

Next step is to apply an Asurmen Blue Wash over the entire model.  This will give you a blue tinge, without looking all 'My Little Pony Blue'.  Let this dry thoroughly!

Badab Black Wash
After the blue wash has thoroughly dried, I paint the claws Boltgun metal, and then apply a Badeb Black Wash over the model.  Let it dry thoroughly!

Drybrush Base Color, paint detail bits.  Face, Bronze Areas, Hair, etc.
Ok final steps for this article... I know I missed some pictures inbetween, but bear with me.  After the Black Wash is dry, you want to take the ORIGINAL base color you used, and drybrush the entire model.  Essentially you want to put the base color back on (not just extreme edges), but not too much.  My goal is a "dirtier" rough look. 

I have a lighter/thinner custom color (see mix above), that I use for regular troops, and to highlight the edges of armor for my terminators.  Due to it being a bit thinner, you can goof and it typically blends in nicely.  I'll use this color to highlight any armor joints.  I typically stick to the 'simple' stuff I can overbrush.  Overbrushing is a technique where you are not drybrushing, but painting raised areas.  Wish good brush positioning, you can highlight a model nicely, without the need for a steady hand, by just running the brush along the edges.

After your base color, paint all your bits in the base colors you chose.  I use Dwarf Bronze, Red Gore, Calthan Brown (any fur), Bleached Bone for the Crux on the left shoulder pad, Fortress Grey for Hair (darker/lighter depending).  I use a Tallarn Flesh for the skin.

That's it for the base stuff, Next time I'll cover the washes and any highlighting of the remaining bitz.

Gamin' and Painting

Heyoh, first I have to say had my favorite game so far Saturday night!  That was alot of fun, and BIG!  I'm bummed I forgot the camera.  1500pts, no winner/loser as we made some mistakes and called it a night.  Space Wolves vs. Tyranids.  However, everything went pretty smoothly, and the flow of the battle was great!  It really came down to the wire!
Game motivated me to  paint some Orks, so that is always a good thing!  I painted the Tyranids quickly, but for some reason just have been unmotivated/uninterested in painting Orks.  This maybe the reason why they've sat around so long on sprues (3+ years).  I finished up the two truks, and the KillaKan.  Base coloured the three Bikez.  Decided to swap two bikez in the list, for the Killa Kan.  I had to redo his paint scheme, but the model is just too cool, and really wanted to paint him.
So I have to wrap up the 3 bikez, and finishing touches on some random boyz  (missed spots; metal bitz, teeth here and there, etc.)
This week schedule:
Monday:Wrap up the Orks, finish put the HTyrant together and prime (already filled gaps with putty)
Tuesday-Thursday:  Berserkers
If I can wrap everything up by Monday, I'll have all four Armies 500pts ready for the first month due date.  This will give me a week to work on Space Wolves.  Goal is to use the extra week to get the Space Wolves 1850pt done (three vehicles, *yikes*), so I can spend the remaining three months focused on three armies instead of four.
I will be posting some picks of before and after trukk painting.  The original eBay paintjobs were poor, and for ugly (OOP) models, I'm happy with the way they turned out!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

1G: Basing Orks

Just a quick rundown on how I do all my bases.  Nothing fancy, I use the same sand that is on our "OverEngineeredYetIncomplete" game table.

Elmer's(PVA) Glue directly on base, drop in front and in back
Using a really wet brush, spread it around
Dunk directly into bowel o' sand
move around a bit
In the past I would premix 50/50 water/glue, but found it almost always was too thin.  This is superquick, and provides more control.  Too thick, just dunk the brush in the water and keep spreading. 

When it's all dry, I'll use the same brush (cleaned of course), wet it, and go around the base to clean up the dust.  OR just use my finger :-)

Just about done with the Boyz n' Orks.  Shooting for Sunday night to have them complete.  That will give me a week for the Berserkers, and hopefully leave me a week to do any early work for the second due date.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting Blood Angels

Hi my name is Lars son of Doomicon and I am 13. I have been painting for about two months now, I just started Blood Angles and they are beast (I have only played them once lol). So here are my fig's so far.

My two favorite models so far my Librarian(above), and random fig(below).
The base color is blood red with Baal red wash not once but twice with a half delvin mud wash and half water between. So far so good I feel they're going to come out Rawsome.

This model here is one of my favorite just because of his pose is Rawsome, and he has been promoted to Sergeant with the skull on his head gold (just after pictures were taken).

They're not finished, have some more painting to do.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Orks Update and Blood Angels Battleforce

Ork Nob Scheme

Incomplete, but getting there

Camera settings are still off :-(
 My camera settings are still off, my pics are not looking that good lately, not nearly the quality of my Blood Claw pictures.  Either way, you get the idea.  I swapped the Scrotched Brown for the Foundation, and did a Black Wash over the Foundation C.Brown.  Looks better in my opinion.

I still have to wrap up the Boyz, and the Bikez, hopefully will have the Boyz done by Friday Night, and the Bikez by Sunday.

I'll then shoot to wrapup the Berserkers next week.  This will leave a final week to put my efforts back into my Space Wolves.  I have some cool Space Wolves lists I want to try, but can't field a rhino or razorback that's still in shrinkwrap :-(

The Angels Have Landed..
to rip you off?

Ok, just figured out the pricing of the Blood Angels Battleforce.

It's $100 compared to the SM Battleforce which is $90.  BUT, it drops the Scouts ($22.50), drops the Combat Squad ($22.50), and adds the Death Company w/ Jump Packs ($33).

So for $10 more, you trade $45 worth of models for $33 in models...  Uhm, I'm not a mathematician, but that doesn't sound like a good deal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stormraven, Bjorn, and More for Advance Order

Games Workshop has some new models available for Advance Order.  Some of the highlights are the Blood Angels; Storm Raven Gunship and Space Wolves; Bjorn the Fell-handed.

Check out the advance orders on their site, click me

1G Status: Status Update

clock is ticking

Hive Tyrant (partially built)
3xWarriors (completed)
12xHormaguants (completed)
5xGenestealers (completed)

In 1000t pt list
500.. Mawlok (completed)

22xBoyz (in progress)
2xNobz (in progress)
2xTruks (oh boy, still have to strip)
5xBikes (3 built and primed)

Daemon Prince (model finished, have to complete base)
12xBerzerkers (partial, have to do alot of 'touch up')
2xBerzerker Champs (80%, complete)

Space Wolves:
WGBL Termy (completed)
14xGrey Hunters (completed)
7xBlood Claws (completed)

I'm awaiting the shipment of my Hive Tyrant Leg from GW, they're support was awesome btw ;-).

The Orks have slowed me down, having to strip some vehicles.  I refocused on the Boyz which are coming along nicely.  I'm actually painting more than I need for 500pts, doing anything I can to do extra.

Time spent painting has left little time for taking pictures.  I still haven't posted Saturday's Batrep :-(

Lastly, I don't wanna hit burnout.. I found myself painting last night singing my own version of a 'Finding Nemo' song...

just keep painting, just keep painting, just keep painting painting painting

Knew then, it was time to take a break.

*Note as I am a noob, and not completely familiar with all Armies, the 500pts is a guesstimate and may actually is a bit over in most cases.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Orks Need Work

Strip Me Please!

I bought this large Ork force for a very good deal on Ebay about three years ago.  Unfortunately, they need to be stripped.  This is going to throw a King Kong sized monkey wrench into my timeline.

Looks like I will have to strip at the least:
(16)  Ork Boyz
(4) Trukz (see above)
(3) Buggies
etc. etc. etc.

I'm not sure what I was thinking, as I have three Wartraks, three Buggies, Stormboyz, three DefKoptas and on and on.. I've more fast attack choices than I have slots!  

stripping old bases

Ork Inventory

Went through all my Orks, and I'm missing quite a bit.  Not sure if I have a rubbermaid container somewhere with Orks.  I'll have to check boxes in the garage.  Mostly missing sprues, whereas I have at least 40+ pair of shoota arms, and 16 or so bodies, but missing everything else.  

I have 52 boys, 10 nobz, 3 Warbosses for infantry without using any "old" guys (see below)

Remember these.. o.O
I've got a ton of old guys, but they look sooooo bad!  Not only that they are about the size of Gretchin.

I do have one old timer that will make it into the Army just for laughs....

Is he sticking his tongue out MJ style?

Follow Up Rules Question


Ok so I don't have the rule book handy and well I like the interaction anyways. :-)


If a unit not engaged in close combat is behind a freindly unit that is, does that unit get the option of a cover save? (of course assuming that los from firing units passes through the enemy units that are locked in CC)

We've always granted cover saves for units that are more than 50% behind an intervening unit.  Now I read that some people are not granting cover saves for Monsterous Creatures unless the intervening unit blocks LoS to more than 50% of the target (example, Hive Tyrant is completely behind a unit of Gaunts, but they're short so they don't block 50%?).  How does this work?

As I'm building a Tyranid Army, would hate to think I have to use say "Gene Stealers" to provide cover for my Hive Tyrant, because they are taller than Hormagaunts... or conversely have to petition GW to make Hormagaunt models that are standing upright :-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ramblings and Rules Question

Last Black Templar piece I painted, not even half done.. no worries, the Pack doesn't mind the smell of incense :-)

So new BT update is out, and it has made some interesting fixes, thou not sure they're enough to draw me back.  I was really drawn to the fluff of the Black Templar's, and started cranking out an army.  Diving head first without really researching. I was researching a bit, checking various lists for good n' bad units, but never actually researched the Army.  Let me tell you, trying learn this game (5th Edition), with a older codex is TOUGH!  There were a numerous amount of discrepancies, issues, etc.  Too confusing.

Won't give up on them, but promised myself I wasn't investing in BT's until they get a new codex, and a two page update on the internet isn't going to cut it.

No matter, I can use the Razorback, Land Raider, and two Speeders I painted for my Space Wolves to zip around in.

EDIT, begin:
Rules Question
click for larger

comment response, "Yea, I was going to post that question with the Batrep, just didn't have the Batrep done."

2(Hive Tyrant/Gaunts) units win an assault against 1(Grey Hunters) sm unit.

The sole remaining Grey Hunter fails leadership, falls back 5 inches.

We rolled for sweeping advance, starting with the Gaunts (they catch him)... does the Hive Tyrant roll for sweeping advance?  If so,  Does the Hive Tyrant have too? 

Obviously Space Marines cannot be destroyed by a sweeping advance, if caught they "continue to fight normally", which isn't accurate as the next sentence states that they are subject to the "no retreat" rule, hence the lone guy makes #saves, based on the wound difference.  Is this correct?

If the HT has to Sweep Advance,  is it ordered?  So in our example.  The gaunts catch the SM survivor (sweeping advance), do you immediately resolve the 'no retreat' saves, then sweep the HT or roll all sweeping advances?

In our case it didn't affect the game, as the lone survivor didn't make his saves and was destroyed, however the question arose as basically Joe didn't want to leave his Hive Tyrant out of close combat to get shot (understandably).  We couldn't find anything defining in the rulebook, but it just didn't make sense (to me) that you would lose control of all your units.  Example, three units assault one, win, and then all of them make a sweeping advance at once, regardless of the possible outcome of sweeping advance 1, 2 or 3 (if it's ordered).

EDIT, end.

Game Table
Played my 14th game this weekend.  Good game Space Wolves vs. Tyranids.  Had some fun, laughs, and hammered out more rules.  Collectively we made very few mistakes.  Will have a couple of questions soon thou.

Didn't get alot of pictures, but did get some of the over engineered game table, that is not finished.  So in closing pictures of the "unfinished" over engineered game table of uberness, enjoi

Notice the green felt and red felt on opposite sides for placing figs, and the dice rolling boxes

Shot of left side
Shot of right side.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Nids

Mouth isn't glued

So picked this up Thursday, and knocked him out last night.  Thankfully he was already put together, as that saved alot of time.  I primed him Thursday night, and painted him last night, dip was brushed on at 12am or so.  I also finished five Genestealers, no pictures yet.

this thing is huge
I should have put a model in the picture to give a representation of size.  Below you can see I did add some highlights to the claws.
little highlights
Nice drybrush (sorta wet, light overbrush) really added some nice details.
Seymor, Feed Me!
So for painted Tyranids I have:


I've painted some Orks in between, and need to pick up the pace a bit.  Today I'll pick up 500pts of Chaos, that need alot of work (see summary).  Not sure how I will tackle these already painted figs, I don't have the time to strip them, so I will have to do some touch up work.  All the Chaos bases need to be scraped and redone as well.

I'm shooting to do a summary of progress post on Sunday for each Army.

(EDIT:  I picked up my Orks last night for inventory, unfortunately it appears I will have to strip a majority of these models.  So will take 'styx' advice, and use the tire cleaner he recommended.

Chaos models were surprisingly good, and will only require touch-ups.)


I'm a bit angry tonight.  I'm putting together the body for the Hive Tyrant I purchased Thursday, cutting flash, putty in the creases.  I get to the legs... and the box set is missing a leg.  WTH?  $52 for this thing, and it's missing a leg!?!?  I'll send an email to support to see what they can do for me.

On a side note, thanks for the deal Lue!  I've already painted them!  Look freakin great!  Not posting pictures until tomorrow, want to surprise da boyz when we play tomorrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rules Question

So, I have a Land Raider shooting a Twin-Linked Lascannon(S9/AP2) at the side armor of a Leman Russ(13).

Roll, one hit (after TL reroll)

Roll wound? it's a 4.

9 + 4 = 13

So that's a Glancing Hit, correct?

Roll on the results table, 3.  Minus 2 for glance 1.

So instead of "Weapon Destroyed", it's a "Stun".

Is this correct?

Asking, because of a game I watched recently.  Whereas the owner of the Land Raider rolled the 4, and stated it was a Penetrating Hit, rolled a 3 and selected what weapon was destroyed.  I'm new to the game, and was a bit confused.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Far Ramblings

Dip Method
(I brush it on..)

Army Painter Dip, it works, it's great, the look is awesome... and I could've gotten the same look with the above for 1/4th the cost.  It is the same stuff.  I plan on testing it out on wood, I have three different colors of Polyshades on hand to test it out.  

I recommend the "Dip Method" for anyone doing Tyranids.  The look is great for this Army!  It's natural tones and realistic smooth transition of shading and high gloss shine.  In my opinion it just looks awesome, and it's soooo freakin fast! 

I'm not sure this would look good on much anything else that doesn't have a "natural" earthy color, or alien.  For example I just don't imagine it would look good on Ultramarines, but maybe some Imperial Fists (natural Foundation yellow), or Blood Angels (natural Foundation red).  They would come out glossy, and you'd have to spray a matte finish on them.. and I think for power armor, etc you can get a great look with just acrylics.

Don't spend $20 or whatever on Army Painter dip, goto Walmart or a local hardware store and pick up the Polyshades by minwax.  Be sure to get a color for the look you want, the above Maple is about the same color as what I'm using, there are lighter and darker colors and the same size can as Army Painter runs anywhere from $4-$8 depending where you by it.  did i mention.. i use a brush ;-)

Ork Boy
He's not finished, but believe this is the overall scheme I will settle on.  Red base, but dirty and ragged, I don't like bright and pretty orks.  These guys are going to war, not a drag show.  Think I'll do the straps in Scrotched Brown, and if I have time highlight the metal bitz with chainmail.

I highlighted areas of his face with Scorpion Green, and I like the effect, but I'm not good blending greens, so if it's over the top let me know. 

Getting Hectic...

So it's getting a little hectic.  I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve, so that means any spare time between paint drying is spent on sprues.  Remarkably it's not work!  I'm actually having a blast, and I haven't spent any "more" time than normal, just more efficient... with my time.  Not my organization...

My Table Top...
not much room...

Underneath my Table...
..uhm where do i put my feet.

As you can see I need to get a bit organized.  Fun aspect, is going through some of the boxes is a walk down memory lane... I played Epic and Necromunda back in the day, and was always interested in 40k.  This during 2nd Edition.  Peeps would always offer various figs, bits, bases, you name it.. to encourage me to play.  I never tossed anything in the garbage, none of it.  Which is strange, as I typically don't hesitate to toss anything I don't use or need.

Just cool to open a box with all this old stuff I have looked through in ages... Some of it is just "Oh yea!  When I was gonna play Orks I bought Stormboyz!"  I remember how much cooler they looked over the 2nd Edition Nazi Orks.  Had to have em'.  Oh well I'm playing now, better late than never.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1G, Orks

Worked on some boyz, deffkopta, and put some more bikes together.  Sorry for the bad pic, the model on the far right is a completed "base". 
Base, is tabletop ready, with room for improvement.  When time allots between due dates, I will paint extra bits. I would rather have a good plain mini that I can improve on, instead of a detailed poop job.
Well back to mold lines on bikes while the washes are drying ;-)

Warriors Based

Tried for better pictures, lighting wasn't right. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1G Nids and Kickin' it Old Skool

Wrapped up the Tyranid Warriors.  Moved on to trimming up Ork Boysz, and digging thru my bag o' bikes.

old skool
I have Seven of these guys on hand, and believe I have another three or more at Joe's.  That's alot of bikes.  So they'll go into the list (and save me $$$).  You'll notice a weird base paintjob on them, that's how I got em'  from ebay about ... four years ago.

Can you tell I've wanted to play this game for a long time :-)

Ork Color Scheme
Trying to think of a quick and easy color scheme for the orks.  Leaning towards Red, and the whole Evil Sunz.  They'd look cool, and come out quick.  Will get one painted up and posted.

Monday, January 10, 2011

1G Tyranids: More Stuff

(2)Trygon/Mawloc's and Droppod

Two Trygon/Mawloc and droppod came in today.  This is good, but my Tyranid list actually contains (2) Mawloc's and a Trygon.  So need one more (Lue) haha.

Droppod was actually ordered prior to this debacle I've gotten myself into, so not sure it will fit in these lists, but definitely my Space Wolves play around lists.

The seller of the Droppod was kind enough to add an Ultramarines Symbol to EVERY door, plastic glue, so no popping them off.  Thou, that pod is obviously backburnered for a bit.

Did the guns on my Warriors, they'll be ready for a dip tonight.  Sorta a bummer, don't have the gaunts/HT onhand, and my Chaos/Orks are at Joe's.  Only thing I can think of doing with the time is making more Boyz.  I know I'll need alot.  Also have the old Bikerz sprues, I'm sure I can fit those into a list.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

1G Update: Tyranids and Planning

Picture above shows the base paint, prior to the dip.

I see a glaring mistake, please don't click for larger
Dipping Gaunts, Lesson Learned

Here they are finished.  This is my first big dip(brushed on) job.  I did some Plague Marines as a test some time back, it was straightforward.  Brush on, let it set a few minutes, brush away the excess that will flow (like cold syrup) to the feet of the model.  This is NOT how it works on nids.  Due to the shape of the miniature, I had the dip flow downward, settle and dry in areas I would not have chosen.  No worries, first batch and they are table top quality.  I will be more careful in the Future.

Planned out Paint/Purchase lists for Space Wolves, and Chaos.  I prepared army lists for the aforementioned.  Have yet to accurately inventory my Orks.

This will be a daunting task.  Next few weeks:

(1) Hive Tyrant ($)
(12) Termagaunts ($)
(3) Warriors
(16) Berserkers (touch up paint)
(1) DeffKopta

Not really sure what I got myself into, o.O