Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sailboat Post Tornado

Have to thank the peeps at Pass-a-Grille Marina, boats came loose and were swinging wildly about.  Talked to the kid who saved my boat, ran to the ATM to give him a reward, but came back and he was gone.  So when they reopen gotta find him (employee).

My boats in a bad spot, some minor damage.  The damage will just get worse if this storm sticks around.

Notice my Companionway Hatch is gone, blown off.  I had to come back and cover about an hour after these videos.  Tide was peak high, and just too rough.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

6th Edition Cinematic

If you haven't picked up or read the new White Dwarf, let me prepare you.  6th Edition will be VERY different.

I don't have time to go over details, and I'm sure a 100 other sites will do that.  What I will tell you is what GW's stated goals were with 6th.


That word is mentioned more than once.  They are attempting to create a "Cinematic" and "Black Library" experience.  Even stated that taking shooting casualties from the front creates a "Cinematic" experience.

Flyers are a big part.  Anti-Aircraft is a big part.  Allies, yup.  GW's building and terrain kits ($$$) are a big part!

Game sizes will be much larger to field everything needed, for that experience :-)  The BATREP is 2500 pts. It's between Chaos+Daemons vs IG+Grey Knights.. my son browsing thru the article asks "Dad, who do you think is going to win?"  SPOILER, my response what "Chaos, because they will be pushing Chaos models really soon.."  .. shocker, I was right.  My White Dwarf BATREP prediction rate is still %100.

I honestly think 6th Edition will make for some really fun and interesting games.  BUT, if you are a competitive player, my opinion is with the massive changes to create a "Cinematic" experience, it seems initially that game balance has taken several steps back.

Tournaments will have to increase point size, to possibly field these units.  Tourney players shoot to create a list to take on all-comers.  The ability to face everything, and be "good", not "great" against a couple of matchups.  With the addition flyers, AA, Buildings, Warlords, Challenges, Allies, New Psychic Powers, I just don't see how you can fit that into a 2000pt list.

I think this is a win for Champagne and Cigars players (Beer and Pretzels can't afford this hobby), WAAC guys will like the powerful combo's that they will quickly figure out and exploit.  Tournament players probably just took one in "the tenders".

But that's just from the article, could be totally wrong... These are the same guys that told me "Legion of the Damned" was an awesome must have addition to my son's Space Marine Army.

btw.. The winner of the 2500pt BATREP had this to say..

"I don't think I've ever played in a more cinematic game"

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ebay in Progress

So working on my ebay purchase, and here is a quick update.

Middle Guy
Almost After
Still needs work, but you get the idea.  NO STRIPPING :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project Ebay

I purchase all my 40k stuff used on eBay.  It's not much, but you can really add some pieces here and there to your army.

I only buy used, so it does take a bit of work to get them ready, and you have to be careful with your purchases.

Thought I would show an example of a purchase, and show how I get them ready for my SW Army.

Today, I had a shipment come in.  I picked up "Space Wolf Terminators x 4" for $28.50 including shipping (if I remember correctly).  

Actually, I noticed in the photo included, it was actually 4 x Terminators and 1 x Njal :-)  Yup, some termies, and a $22.50 Model, for $28.50.

So here is a pic of what I have to work with.  The base coat existing didn't appear to be too think based on the pic, and it was the right base color, so I won't strip these.  I track the progress :-)


Note, took with phone.. no need for detail :-)
Njal (Finecast)