Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Stuff

Top down picture of my painting table's surface
Saturday night Noobhammer game was awesome!  1500pt Chaos List vs. 1500 Tyranids list.  Chaos was rolling badly for the first few turns, but turned it around in the end.  It was a hard fought 3 objective/DoW deployment with Nids going first.

Chaos list was Khorne dominated (Ben and I shared), and we decided to run it as such.  Surging forward and pouring out Berserkers and Kharn into the heart of the Swarm. 

As it was getting late, we decided to at the BEGINNING of turn 5 to roll to see if the game would continue... I rolled, and it would've ended at Turn 5.  So looking at the board and the next movements Chaos would've pulled off the win being able to take 2 objectives.  Had the game gone on, it would have at least been a draw, or a Tyranid win! 

I've wrapped up all the Chaos/Tyranid requirements for the Month two deadline (and painted extra).  I have finally motivated myself to focus on Orks.  I've knocked out the Stormboys (they we're 80% done by the first week).  I'm about done with the three additional bikes and trukk, and have yet to come close to finishing the 11 boys and Nob. 

I figure I can have them all completed by Wednesday night, LW.  So long as nothing unexpected comes up, I am shooting to fnish the Termagants by Friday night.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


First I must apologize for posting so much, but I have gotten alot done today, PG.  Dipped more nids :-)

Carnifex, Trygon, Broodlord, and Five Genesneekerz ;-)

Reign in Blood

I'm really digging my Chaos guys.  This Khorne theme I have going is sweet!  I decided to name this warband "Reign in Blood", name came to me thinking of what embodies Khorne... First thing that came into mind was Slayer - Raining Blood.

For their badge, I'm painting blood drops raining on a black backdrop.

Tried to paint some drops on the Land Raider... not finished but the base looks ok so far.

Just finished priming a batch of nids, gotta cut this short so I can paint em' up.  Shooting for the dip tomorrow night, LW.

Fex Magnents

Finished up the mold lines on the Carnifex and Termagants.  I honestly believe out of the 180+ mini's I've painted over the last few months, mold lines on the Termagants have been the worst.

Also magnetized the Carnifex, but will probably rework the mount points a bit.  I'm not happy with the posing options.

Talons and Claws want to be way up.. 
or way down.

No real in between.  Just the way it works unless you go back and rework.
What worked on the Hive Tyrant was putting a dab of paint in the joint, and then putting on the Arm(or Claw) in a position that I liked that I could rotate.  This just didn't work for the Carnifex.  Some really awkward angles, so a little trimming is needed.

Bad pic of Kharn.  Not too worried about pics, as Matt G is "Da Man", and offered to take some Month Two Pics :-)

His pictures make my figs look better than they really are. (unlike my pic above, which makes em' look worse)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cool Link

Meant to post this last night, cool site I stumbled across:

Space within Space

On a sidenote, with all the stuff I need to paint to meet the month two deadline, I was up late last night creating a cool 1500 point Chaos list, which then led me to start painting a Chaos Landraider, ha!

I really need to focus.  Toughest part about doing this, is making the commitment.  I made the commitment to paint four armies in four months.  My desire to paint hasn't decreased, however the desire to paint what I need to paint has.  I built a couple more Space Wolves Terminators that are just begging to be painted.

I could paint these guys all day long...

I REAALY could just paint and dip Tyranids for a solid week, and be happy as a pig in slop... or paint a Chaos Land Raider ;-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Painting Updates

So I've actually gotten some painting done the last few days, and here is the update so far (what's done, what needs to be completed).

( )Broodlord


( )11xBoyz
( )Nob
( )Trukk
( )3xBikers

(X)=completed, (\)=make sure I didn't miss anything, then it gets the X, () = not even close

I'm hoping to wrap up Chaos tomorrow night, and do some more Tyranids.  I have alot of Ork stuff to paint, but just like last month, just not motivated to paint Orks :-(

I want to get the Carnifex completed, Broodlord, and some Termagants before this Noobhammer meetup.  Thou I reeeeally need to paint some Orks.

Some reason Orks are just 'meh'.. I get into a groove on the Nobz, but these OOP vehicles are just horrible models.  So painting them feels like a waste o' time.  I look online and see great paintjobs on these old Ork bikes... and yes, they still look like poo'.  No matter how expensive the paintjob, can't make an 81' Chevette look like a Porsche.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

CabanaHammer 2011

CabanaHammer 2011

CabanaHammer was a blast!  Group of players getting together for FUN games.  Everyone was asked to bring a few 1250 lists.  Three tables and eight players, so two 1v1 and one table 2v2.  Some spectacularly bad rolling that I will remember for a long time :-)  Lars and Patrick we're neck and neck for bad rolling, tough to call.  Patrick wiffed a ton of melta rolls, while Lars racked up six 1's and three 2's, in assault against Tau.  Later Lars spent his second game shooting Havoks and Defiler at a Valk for 5 turns solid before destroying it.  Funny enough, on the ride home.. "Havoks suck!".  Joe and I had to remind him, bad rolling can make any unit "suck".  haha.

Met some great peeps; Andrew, Cameron, Chris and Lee.  Patrick hosted, and all went off without a hitch.  Chris and Lee brought some great tables, terrain, and some really fun armies!  Learned a bit watching the DarkEldar.. so did Joe, bit the hard way o.O
Lee(DE) and Joe(Nids)

Andrew brought a great looking Tau Army, and a great sportsmanship, tutoring Lars in the HOT sun for his first game, and schooling me in his second ;-)

Camera settings off sorry :-(, these guys looked awesome!  Great Scheme!

Cameron too, great player and great guy just having fun.. with some freakishly sweet looking tanks.  No masking for the camo, just hand painted.
Cameron's Tanks
Last double's game was probably the highlight, with Lars(Chaos) and Chris(Orks) going against Cameron(IG) and Joe(Nids).  The way this game played out, and some of the freakishly bad rolling just added to the laughs!
Lars trying yet again to kill the Valk... (took him 5 turns).  Chris and Lee watching (and laughing later of the rolls).
Joe watching his Hive Tyrant bogged by boyz, while Cameron watches his Valk eek thru another turn :-)
That was absolutely the most the NoobHammer group has had playing.  Unfortunately, Ben (our fourth) was unable to make it, due to the passing of his Father.  Thoughts and Prayers to Ben and his family.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CabanaHammer 2011

Too sleepy to post, will get some pics up tomorrow.  Patrick, our awesome Host/Organizer has a great recap with Pics here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy.. not painting

So I haven't been painting .. at all, I have been working non-stop since Sunday.  Work has been hectic.  I've got a little over two and half weeks till the next due date, and I'm really behind.

I'll have to pull a couple of long sessions sometime soon.  Good news, I really miss painting.  Bad news, I have a strong affection for Terminators.  The models are just freaking cool.  I have to stop making/painting Terminators.  I have 10, and I almost bought another 10 :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Need a Bigger Table

No room left :-(
My painting area is getting a little crowded, and obviously I need to do something .. like work on organizational skills.

I am able to paint pretty quickly for a couple of reasons.  One of them is working on ALOT of models at one time.  This way there is little downtime, waiting for a wash to dry? Then wash something else.  I do things in sequence as well.  So if I have a pot of Bleached Bone open, I'm doing every bit.  However... I am running out of room :-(

Some of the things I'm working on now.

Before pic of the Warbuggies...
Straight from eBay
I'm really irritated that the hands don't line up with the grips of the shootas.  I will be cutting some sprues, and reworking this.. it looks so lame.

War Buggies, and Boss w/ PK (touch up).

Chaos Bikers (MoK), Red and all three washes done.
Misc Boys and Stormboyz

That's about it.  Have a Trygon still waiting in the wings, primed.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preach it Brother!


Example of the amount of terrain Noobhammer uses

Something that has always annoyed me when reading or viewing (youtube) batreps, is the "lack" of terrain.  I had the opportunity to view a local tournament a couple months ago, and the obvious lack of terrain was appalling.

I always wanted to post about it, but I'm a Nooblet, so what do I know?  Joe would know more, he plays Nids.  I'm a Noob and probably wouldn't articulate it well.

I don't need to,  Joe was cool and supplied this Blogpost by a Vet player... read, and get skool'd


Best quote (directed towards TOs), "If you demand fully painted armies, we demand proper terrain on every table. "

1G Past Week and Orks


Styx:  Summary, I'm using Warbuggies, Stormboyz, and Bikes for fast attack.  I was playing last night, and plan on making them Nob Bikers, only they're the old bikez and the riders are practically the size of Gretchin lol.  Oh well, I'll add some Boss Poles or something.  Nob Bikers are just too cool.

That leaves me with 3xWarTraks and 3xDeffKoptas.

Past week; I have about 1500 pts of Black Templars, unfinished.  I was gonna poke around with them, but have been on-call this week for work, and it has been rough and I'm a bit behind for next month.  So I probably can't squeeze the time in for them.

I was hoping to get Orks painted up this week but so far this all I've been able to do this week.

A little behind this month

3xBuggies (90%, just some minor bits)
7xStormboyz (50%, need to do the washes and bases)
1xTruk (Base color only)
1xNob (0%)
12xBoyz (0%)

1xTrygon/Mawlok (primed)

3xChaos Bikers (primed)
1xKharn (20%base color and base washes)

What I haven't started that is not listed above.
Chaos Rhino, Defiler, (4) Ork Bikers, (12) Termagants

This month maybe a little rough.

Styx, I may just bring over a big Bag o' Bits for Cabannahammer, and let you and Lue dig through and pick out what you need :-)  My work area is getting a little crowded.  Good news, alot more empty boxes haha.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1G Moving Forward

I've been modifying the Chaos lists as I've become more interested in these 'Spikey Boyz'.  Initially when I decided to paint all this stuff, I just filled out lists with what I had available (or wouldn't totally cost me an arm and a leg).  I've since made alot of changes. 

I've moved away from an Abaddon/Black Legion List supported by the followers of Khorne, and switched it around to a Khorne dominated list, supported by Black Legion.  I'm swapping Abbadon for Kharn(sp), making the Bikers Khorne based, and lastly the Chaos Space Marines will have Icon of Khorne.

I plan on keeping the vehicles and a Defiler Black Legion.  World Eaters have broken up into warbands, so I envision it's a Warband of World Eaters that have a few Black Legionaires supporting them.


Orks have been a bit of a problem.  I have alot of Ork stuff on hand, from back when I first tried to get into 40k, unfortunately I have quite a bit that cannot be used.  Offender, Fast Attack choices.  The only thing I can think of, was that I was trying to do Speed Freaks.  Not knowing anything about the game, I'm sure I just read a list on GW's site, and bought stuff.  The result is I have various fast attack units that I cannot use.

Another issue is Power Klaws, I've got quite a collection of Nobz, from an eBay purchase 3 (or 4) years ago, to Black Reach Nobz... Only one has a Power Klaw.  So I'm scanning eBay when I get home.

Lastly, Orks are cheap from a points standpoint.  I can barely squeeze out an 1850 list, but the models won't be WYSIWIG if I can't find the PKs'.

First and foremost... THANK YOU JOE!

Tyranids was the one army I was starting completely from scratch (if you don't count the fact that a month or so prior I didn't own any Space Wolves either).  So I knew I was going to spend some cash, thou I really didn't want to spend alot.  It's one thing to invest in a hobby to play, etc.  It's another to invest in folly (ie tale of one gamer).

Well this is a problem no longer.  My a buddy of mine (actually more than a buddy, known him since we were 9), and fellow Noobhammer member, plays Nids.  He has been struggling on a color scheme, and never wasn't totally sure what scheme to go with.   I am pleased to announce that when I mentioned my whoas, he thought long and hard and decided to strip the models he had painted already and donate some units to The Cause.

So Joe will be letting me borrow a Carnifex(proxy for Tervigon), Genestealers, and about 6 Termagants so I don't have to purchase anything more (remember, I have a Wayland Games shipment on the way).  It was really cool of him to agree to just paint his army the same scheme I'm using, so I could borrow the figs. 

Space Wolves, nada... the Army is done.  Just have to coordinate some time with Matt to take some pictures.

Black Templars... I know.. everyone is saying "What? Templars?"  .. yea, I have a disease.  Since GW updated the FAQ, I may just be painting some of these guys along the way ;-)  I reeeeeally like their fluff!  Just freaking Crusading Zealots, Awesome!

So.. until I finish up the Orks and Trygon on working on... peaCe out ;-)


Monday, February 7, 2011

1G Month One, Space Wolves

Edit, posted all FOUR armies that were due, scroll down for all ...

Should've posted these guys earlier as I figure the few people that view this blog have to be sick of seeing them.  I lost my original 500 pt list when I upgraded Army Builder, so I guestimated what 500pts was.  I have since completed all 1850+ points of this army.  I hope to have Matt come around a take some pictures. 

So on with the Space Wolves 500 (and some extra SW pics)...

Wolf Guard HQ with Terminator Armor
Grey Hunter with Power Fist
Two Grey Hunter squads Flamer/Melta Powerfist
Some Extras that have been painted.. yea me in the background
Thanks for those enjoying the blog, feel free to let me know what you would like to see, or have me post.  I do plan on focusing on some Battle Reports.  Until then back to painting...

Painting at Joe's, note the pallette lol.. :-)

1G Month One, Tyranids

Disclaimner: Since I didn't plan on posting these all together, they will "appear" out of order.. well if I posted them daily they wouldn't be, but since 'styx' wanted more... posting more.

Of the four Armies I committed to painting for "Tale of One Gamer", this one is my absolute favorite from a pure painting standpoint.  I've never been interested in playing Tyranids, nor interested in their fluff, but I've always wanted to paint them using the dip method.

I should have saved these guys for last, I think they look great.. and the only army left is Space Wolves, and I posted on them numerous times.

So on with the SWARM!

Hive Tyrant (close)
Hive Tyrant (full)


Full Army with Gants
Kill Maim Bu...oh boy!

Matt took some great fun shots that I will include in the "Month One Wrapup" post.

Disclaimer, out o' order scroll down for Chaos

1G Month One, Chaos

So next up is Chaos.    As I go down the path, the lists keep changing.  I really love the World Eater fluff, and my 'mixed' Chaos Army Lists are morphing into Khorne dominated ones.

I really thought painting this army would be a time saver, as there are few figs.  I was wrong.  Most of the figs had some paint on them, and put together.  Oh boy!  It took alot of work to redo these figs, scrape bases, reapply paint, etc.  Hindsight being 20/20, I would've been better off just stripping them.  I have learned from my mistake, and will be stripping roughly 20 Orks for next month.  No paint, is better than Bad Paint.

So without any more babbling.. May I present Chaos Kill Maim Burn, Kill Maim BURN!

Daemon Prince
Skulls for the Skull Throne!
Not nearly as large as the first batch of Orks, but hey their Chaos.  Next months deadline will bring a bit more interesting bits.

Stay tuned next post, as the swarm approaches...

Skull Champion faces off with Hive Tyrant
Click for Larger

Again, my many thanks to my buddy Matt for taking some amazing pictures!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1G Month One, Orks

First due date is here for 500pts Chaos, Orks, Tyranids and Space Wolves.  Month went by pretty quickly!

Got together at the Palace o' Joe, where the Noobhammer group hangs out, brought all my armies.  A great  friend of mine offered to swing on by and take pictures for the blog (Thanks Matt!), he's an outstanding photographer.  Have to give Matt  my thanks, as his abilities made average paint work look better.  He took a TON of pictures, too many to capture in one post.  I decided to break up the posts and highlight the armies individually over the next few days, and finish the week out with some "fun" pictures of the Armies.

Without further delay...

May I humbly present...



Nob with his Trukk
Nob Too with his Trukk
All da boyz
Killa Kan

Bike Boyz

Putting together and painting the Orks was a bit slow at first, but once I got into a groove I had a bit of fun with them.  While they are far from perfect, they made the deadline and I can see alot of cool areas of improvement.

From all da Orks... Thanks :-)
Till next month GoooBiiie, WAAAGH!

Next post Chaos 500!