Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP, Dark Eldar

Not much to add.  Practiced a lil' glaze blending.  Painted stuff black, and some metal bits.  Painted the flayed skin Tallarn Flesh and gave it wash.

Yellow too thin, glyph on helmet took like four layers.
Next time I'm using the Retarder, water dries too quick

WIP, Dark Eldar

Another pic.  Gonna wash, and touch em' up.  I have no idea what to paint/color the rest of the scheme.

WIP, Dark Eldar

Using these guys as practice, sorry for the bad pic just wanted to get something up, it's been a few days.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Horus Heresy, Angron Video and Pics


Chaos Available for PreOrder

Chaos for PreOrder

Air Brush

After selling my Space Wolf and Black Templar armies, I purchased an airbrush and compressor.  Thankfully, just one army more than covered it, with some scratch left over :-)

Here's what I am waiting to be delivered...

Badger Krome
Iwata Compressor

Picked the Krome due to the massive amount of great reviews AND cost.  Bang for your buck, it was an easy choice.  While it can do a 1" spread for priming, the needle is quite small.  Will be able to pull off some detail, but I anticipate alot of dry-tip issues.

Compressor was a bit tougher.  There were a ton of choices, and frankly it was just giving me a headache.  I settled on the Iwata Sprintjet pictured above.  Great reviews, quiet (compared to others), and auto shutoff.  Doesn't have a regulator, just the bleed off valve.

First Sale Feedback

"Dear doomicon,

got the guys today mate.

they look amazing. "

So glad made someone in this hobby a bit happier!  The enjoyment of having a fully painted army to call your own is something everyone needs to experience at least once. 

If we could just get the painters and the gamers together for a weekend and just paint and play :-)

I would definitely go for a convention where I would just paintup someone's army, and take breaks to play.  Can ya tell I enjoy the painting :-)

Now if I could just get a bit better and more patient ;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ready to Start

Well awaiting for my Airbrush to arrive, finished prepping first batch of models.
Dark Vengeance, Dark Angels

Stocked up on supplies

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ebay Neverending Issues

It's almost funny now.  So my eBay account appears to be completely jacked.  I placed a bid on a an item, and I receive the confirmation email.  I check yesterday to see if I won.

Nope didn't win.  Winning bid was $13... my max bid... $17.  Huh?  So I login and check my "bids and offers" page.  Empty, zero bids shown.  I check the items "won/lost" page... Blank... zero.. nada.

So I'm thinking, ok something happened, didn't register whatever. 

So come into work this morning, and get an eBay email "You need to pay for your item".. oh boy... Winning bid... $14????

I click thru the process of payment, and it prompts me "Do you want to link your Paypal Account to eBay?"  .. Hmmm.. let me think.  Sure, that'd be great since they've been linked for 10 or so years, and I just linked my Seller account.  That'd be great eBay, please do this.

So I pay for the item, get the confirmation email that I paid... check my status page.  Blank, nothing, nada, ziltch... no bids, no winning items.. nothing.

This is just getting ridiculous now >.<

I have three more auctions hanging out, so I'm curious to see how these go.  If these give me problems with "", or "You've bid.." no you didn't "Yes You did", no you didn't "You, won pay up", nope no items here move along... then I'll just have to create a new account, and new paypal.

Unfortunate, as I'm hitting my eBay 14th Anniversary membership.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Question, International Shipping

Looking for input on International Shipping.  I've been using USPS Priority Large Flat Rate.  My issue is with tracking.

They don't offer "complete" tracking of the item.  Essentially they give you a tracking code that tracks the package via Customs.  Code starts with a "Cxxxxx".

I can tell when the package leaves, arrives in customs destination country, and leaves customs destination country.

Is this cool?  I'm not familiar with International shipping, so not sure if this is the "norm".

Better alternatives?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Ebay Fail... Again ..

UPDATE!  Just realized this is still going to the wrong email address!  My email address in eBay is "", and the payment is being sent to "", with the incorrect "" as the payee..

I'm about ready to offer free database support and/or framework development to eBay.. sheesh!

So sold my second painted army, yay!  Got everything going, was hoping for smooth sailing...


Ebay did it again.  After the first issue I created an email address that was according to eBay standards.  Changed my email in eBay, and also added that email to my wife and I's paypal account.

So now I sell my Black Templar Army, I follow all the steps, send an invoice.. Great buyer, pays quickly.

I get a copy of the invoice this morning to the correct address.. AND  yup, you guessed it.. First line...


ARGH!  I checked account settings in Ebay and the address doesn't exist!  I did take the step of ensuring my paypal account was linked.  It appears it was linked for buying, but not for selling.. Ok, that's fine.  I forgot to link my paypal account, but c'mon.  Still sending payments from an email address that is no longer registered.

So offering free shipping again, customer comes first :-)

Just a lil rant.  Hopefully this will go better with my Orks. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ebay: Orks For Sale

Broke these up into smaller auctions.  Paintjobs are TT quality only.  If you followed 1G, these guys were my bane!


Stormboyz, Kan, and Buggies

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cool People

Just had to drop a note that my buyer has been really cool about the situation!  They're down under, and will get an awesome Wolfie Army :-)

Hopefully, they'll send me some Game Photo's to post here!

Ebay + Paypal = Expensive!

So things worked out, customer didn't seem to read the email to clearly, just canceled and paid the invoice I sent.  He was confused about the lack of shipping costs, had to explain again that I would pay shipping.

Everything worked out, taking the package to work with me so I can ship it out at lunch time and update customer with a tracking number.

How much did I make?  What does Ebay and Paypal charge?

Let's see.

+$535   Sold
-$21.17  (Paypal charge for the $535 transaction)
-$49.54 (Ebay Charge)

Left over... $464.29.  Now minus the shipping I had to pay due to my eBay account error.

Grand Total $403.34.

Yikes.  Last time I sold something on eBay (it's been yeeeeears), no matter how much you sold it for, you were charged things like 18 cents a picture, a buck for the listing... so you had more control over the cost, and it would come out to be $12 max daddy with pics.

In the future I won't be selling painted armies, only individual units or battleforce sized.  Starting bids will be alot higher.  Would've been better to learn this monetary lesson with my Orks, however no worries I'll keep trucking forward.

Footnote, I now understand why sellers cannot possibly give the discounts on 40k that I think they should give.  If ebay is charging 10% (9+listing fee) of the sell price, that's a 10% discount that you can't get.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ebay Fail!

So I was really thinking about doing painting part time to make some cash.  I enjoy painting more than playing, and I like playing.

Instead of selling for ridiculous prices, I want to fill a middle ground.  Offer well painted units, for reasonable prices.. No Golden Daemon $500 figs, but squads painted really well, for a good price.

I wanted to start off on the right foot... and I've already stumbled.

See back in 2007 ebay changed policy stating that your login and email can't be the same, because of scammers.  So sometime around 2009 I logged in to "impulse" buy an item, and it prompted me for a new email.  I put in my doomicon gmail address, and it was denied.  So I just threw in a temp address ""  (note, bogus+something isn't the real address, using as an example as if someone were to magically access the address, they'd get the money) and used that and purchased the item.  Heck, my paypal email address is the first one, no issues...

Fast forward to 2012 and SELLING (not buying).  So I sell my first item on eBay.  It moves to "pending payment" status... only I don't get an email?  I login to Paypal.. nothing .. nada.

I started searching and found this:

I checked my email, and lo it was the broken one.  I changed it, and as SOON as I changed it, I received an email that payment was sent to...


You've received new funds!

Simply click the link below and complete PayPal's one-page registration form to claim your money:

So yup.. the funds are waiting for "" .. an email that is bogus (yes it has a "+" sign).

So I had to send a 'I completely fail' email to my first customer, and explained the situation.

Technically the customer can just give me a negative ding.  Hopefully they won't.  I offered to send a bunch of SW sprues on my dime.  Since the box is packed so tight I couldn't fit a Bolt Pistol if I wanted to.

So sold for $535, cost me a little over $50 to sell on eBay, and I'll have to foot another $60 to send sprues.  But .. if it keeps my first customer happy, I'll fly to Australia with the package, and tell my wife I always wanted to take her to Austrilia :-) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ebay Space Wolves Army

For those bidders that follow the blog link (I honestly didn't think anyone would, but hey cool!).
Models I painted in two months for 1G.. I think the was the Month 2 shot?

DO NOT BUY THE SPACE WOLVES CODEX!  It's included in the auction, I just forgot to list it!

Good Luck!  Stay in touch!  Send me pics of the Army in Action, and I'll post em' here :-)

To answer the Question, Matt Galvin isn't me.  Good friend of mine who's an amateur photographer, he took the really good pics :-)  If the pic doesn't have a watermark, then I took them.  I do take decent pics (if I may say so), and will do a post on how to setup lighting, camera settings, macro shots, etc.


Ebay it's a Conspiracy!

So I've always been one of those guys that always has that ebay conspiracy thing going... You know, when you're bidding on an item, and then someone with 0 feedback starts driving up the price.

My first thought is always, "The seller is using a separate account to drive up the price!"... guess what.  It's happening on MY AUCTION!  I have a bidder from "down under" that's winning my auction and has ZERO feedback :-(

I don't want to deny the guy an opportunity, but I do have two concerns.  I've only sold a few items on ebay in my near 14 years as a member.  I've only had one "bad" experience, and it was with a member who had ZERO feedback.

Secondly, honestly if I were bidding on this auction a week ago, I would think it was suspect.  Now having seen it first hand from the seller perspective, I feel better about purchasing on eBay... but still doesn't help my auction.

I'm debating updating the description in my second auction, and asking people with ZERO feedback to refrain from bidding.  I was going to update my current auction, but unfortunately can't as it has less than 12 hours to completion.

I think I'll keep trucking along.  People have to start somewhere, and with the prices of GW products in Australia, I don't want to prevent someone from possibly getting a cool army for the cost of a couple of Land Raiders :-)

Footnote, I didn't realize as the seller you get to see the full member name of the person bidding, and where they are located.  Pretty Cool... and yes it's been that long since I sold something on eBay :-)

UPDATE!  After discussing with my friends here at work, they're no help, they've just added to the conspiracy...  "What if someone creates a new account on purpose to use his new ZERO feedback to stall an auction to get a better price!"... UGH!  This is an endless circle. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Black Templar's For Sale

Next up is my Black Templar Army.  Ironically I think I fielded this army once.  Never the whole thing.
It was also the first "real" paint job I did.
Black Templars

Good Pain TT++

Marshal/Castellan (PS/MCBolter Banner)
Chaplain Term Armor (Croz/SB)
2xSword Brethren Term (PFxSB)
Champion (Custom)

6x Sword Brethren (mix of bp, cc, claws, pw)

Squad A:  (1xBP/CS, 1xFlamer, 7xBolter)
Squad B: (1xBP/CS, 9xBP/CS)
Squad C: (9xBP/CS, 1xPG)

5xNeos (BP/CC)

Misc Troops Hvy (1xLC, 1xMM, 1xML)

1xRazor (TLLC)
2xLand Speeder Typhoon, Missles removable w/ MM or HF options)

1x LRC (or) LRR magnatized

Monday, September 3, 2012


Having putting it off for soooo long.  Finally putting SW on eBay.  Finally pulled them all out to catalog what I have.  Take a couple of photo's too.  Some photo's old, some new.  I have to pick up a box at Post office tomorrow, and I'll put online tomorrow night after work.

Space Wolves Army

3xRunePriest (or 2xWolfPriest,1xRunePriest)
Lord Power Armor, TH/WClaw
Lord Power Armor, Dual WClaw

Elites (two of the Termies have the Lord Capes)
3xTWC (w/ SS, 1xTH)
Wolves Paint Scheme based on my three dogs :-)  Black Lab, White Jack Russell, and Shepherd mix :-)

4xRhino (1 w/ FW Side Doors, 1 w/ FW Front)
2(3)xRazorBack (extra TLC Turrent to convert a Rhino to third Razor)

8xLong Fangs (4xLC, 4xPC)

15xWG Terminators
3xTH/SS, 3xDual WClaw, 2xSB,PW, 1xPF/CombiPlas, 1xPW,CombiMelta, 1xSB,WClaw, 1xSB,CF, 1xPW,HF, 1xPF,AC

28xGrey Hunters(GH), (Standard)
7xBlood Claws(BC) (Standard)

4xGH/BC w/ Melta
4xGH/BC w/ Flamer
1xGH/BC w/Plasma

3xGH/BC/WG w/ Fist
3xGH/BC/WG w/ PW

50xTotal Troopers

Squeeze In Tight!