Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching Up... Boat Move

Well Summer has been a busy one!  Many Birthdays, a family vacation, moving a sailboat, new job, and an anniversary :-)

I haven't had the time to post much, so I will be trying to catch up.

First thing this summer was purchasing a sailboat.  I boat a 1973 Grampian 26' boat FOR CHEAP!!!  When I told a childhood friend of mine how much I paid his response was, "I PAID MORE FOR MY CROWNS AT THE DENTIST!  Your telling me I could've purchased a sailboat!"

YES!  I've been looking at sailboats for about 5 years, and with the down economy I've watched the prices of used boats plummet!  Craigslist, Yachtworld, you name it.  Check the sites, and you'd be surprised what you can find for under $5000.  It will require some elbow grease, but you can find sturdy sailboats, that can be made better with a little work.

So on to the boat, I present "Yellow Bird"  .. ya I know name is .. uhm well.. it will be changed.

I stumbled across this little boat on Craigslist.  The entire family drove down to Punta Gorda, FL to purchase.

Sam During the Purchase

Boat is purchased.. now.. I have to find a crew and sail her 100 nm!

Loading up and preparing to go...

Travis and Ce, crewmates in the foreground, mah girl Aileen in the background

Heading out.. Crew:  Travis, Ce and Myself.. two days of sailing.

Finally out of Charlotte Harbor, time to sail...
Travis Taking the Helm err.. Tiller
No wind :-(  Now we're motoring
more to come!!

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