Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's been awhile since my last post.  Found some older pics that never made it.. they were interesting, so giving them a post.

Noobhammer group is still playing every Saturday.  We've mixed up armies a bit for variety, and I have to say... Chaos sucks against 5ed Armies.  Fun to play, but geesh!

I bought all of Jawaballs Dark Eldar, *Thanks Jawa!*, and have alot of figs and raiders to put together.  Think this will be my last army.  With the announcement that UK shops can't ship to the U.S. (no more orders), and announcement of price hikes.   I'm done.  This is a fun game... but not that fun.  I have plenty of figs to keep me going.  If I can't find it on eBay, then so be it.

On to some interesting pics in the collection (thanks to MattG)

SW Rhino

Blood drops on Chaos Landraider

LITERALLY, 3 minutes max on base colors, and a DIP!  Wanted to see how fast I could crank out a fig!


  1. Now that I finally have my camera back in working order we should get together and just do some fun shots. Consider it marketing if you really do sell off your stuff!

  2. Great Idea!!! I've painted up most of my Chaos stuff, and need to get some shots. Good pics would really help!