Saturday, June 4, 2011

Space Wolves Prepare for Sale

Posting Pictures of my Space Wolves to prepare for eBay sale.

Have to come up with a complete list, but it did grow pretty large!

I did have a TON O' FUN painting this stuff!  I don't think I'll ever stop painting, it's enjoyable and relaxing.  Just not sure about playing :-)  I think if you get get eBay deals, trades, or pick up used armies.. then GO FOR IT!  Purchasing new from GW has just gotten a bit outta hand.

Term WGBL or WL
Wolf Priest (or) Rune Priest

Grey Hunter Powerfist
Rune Priest

Long Fangs
Grey Hunter
Nice Interior on One Rhino/RB

Another shot
Drop Pods
Blood Claws

Blood Claws

Vehicles during paint

Vehicles during paint
Logan (during paintjob)
Logan (during paintjob)

Almost all of it (this pic is short terminators and Logan)


  1. What are you thinking of asking for the price?


  2. Not sure, want to make an offer? Honestly I was hoping to just get back 80% of the cost.

    I'm not charging for paintjob or anything, that was the fun part. Doesn't seem right ;-)

  3. Well, let me know what the 80% would be for your cost. Then I can go talk to the budget master (aka the wife) hah! Being state workers keeps our budget a bit tight, everyone seems to think we are overpaid or something...depending, I may could spit the cost with Chris to bolster both of our Wolves.