Friday, October 5, 2012

Dark Angels

Some final details to wrap up... Bases, not sure how to paint Plasma, "To Glow, or not to Glow.. that is the question".

I really go for a subtle look.  While the extreme contrasts maybe eye-catching, I don't care for extreme highlighting that contrasts.  I like darker and grittier looking marines.

I may give battle damage a go, but it's too easy to overdo it.

Sorry for the bad pics, need to start using my wife's Nikon.


  1. I always like the glow, it adds some pop to the look of the model. I did the non-glow look on others and it does not draw attention to the gun detail to be honest.

    1. Heyoh Styx. Is beaky con open to the general public? Was thinking of going tomorrow to check it out.