Friday, April 22, 2011


... making Games Workshop model prices look CHEAP, since 1998.

So Forgeworld just came out with a NEW vehicle for IG, it's about twice physical size of a Chimera.  Go check it out here...

Amazing huh?  So do you think it's worth $181?  I'm making the assumption that Forgeworld has replaced Resin with Silver for casting.

Next time I have $512 laying around, maybe I'll just head over to their site and pick up a Chaos Warhound Titan... or I'll purchase a plane ticket to the Caribbean instead.


Now if you regularly purchase from Forgeworld, please tell me your reasoning.  I would like to understand how someone could pay so much for a plastic model.



  1. I've ordered one model from FW and have a wishlist a mile long of other things I'd like from FW but which I never get around to buying (since I also have a longer list of cheaper GW products I want).
    The main reason the prices are so high is that FW has the same overhead costs but cannot sell nearly as many units of each.

  2. I understand why they're prices are so high. Given the low volume, to meet profitability their margins are ridiculous!

    Still... WOW! I've been tempted to purchase Landraider doors and such, but can never pull the trigger, just to outrageous for me.