Monday, April 25, 2011


Well I'm getting a bit bored with the Armies I'm playing, and considering a sell off.  Take a plunge and start a new army.

I'm disappointed that the 5thED choices are limited.  I'm not interested in Power Armor, so that leaves:  Tyranids, IG, and Dark Eldar.

I already have alot of Tyranids, so gonna give them a go this weekend.  I'm more interested in Dark Eldar than IG, however IG seems to have more configurations.  If I wasn't so adverse against Power Armor, I would invest time in my sons Blood Angels.  I really enjoy the various combo's you can use, DoA, Armor, etc.  Blood Angels have alot of options.

Still trying to decide what to sell.  Obviously will sell Orks and Chaos.  Debating on selling my SW, if I ever decide to give them another shot, I would like to redo their scheme anyhoo.

I'm ready to start a new project.  On a sidenote, Matt was kind enough to have a couple of high gloss posters made for me.  I bought frames and everything :-)  Below are the posters that he had made. 

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