Monday, April 25, 2011


So I'm really addicted to Terminators.  They're awesome models, a ton of fun, and in specific situations when used correctly they pwn. 

Some highlights of my top Three favorite Terminator moments.

3.  Drop Pod Done Wrong (fail moment, epic funny!)
So early in my gaming, I loaded up 5 Assault Terms in a droppod, and then proceeded to drop them right in front of a Chaos Castle.. Havoks, Plague Marines, CSM all bubble wrapping a Defiler.  Hey we were noobs without vehicles... that Battlecannon sucked when your on foot.

Yes, I have pictures of that Epic n00b Fail moment!

Prior to getting shot to pieces!  3++ is good, T4 and 1 wound.. isn't.

So yea I learned a valuable lesson in, not being able to assault the turn you arrive.. how NOT to allocate wounds, and that a massed amount of Bolter fire can kill Terms.  Given enough dice to roll for saves.. you will roll ones.

There was a saving grace to this moment..  With the two terms left that didn't run away, I was assaulted by the CSM's.  I only caused ONE wound!  That's bad rolling... HOWEVER, I won combat by .. you guessed it one wound, CSM proceeded to fail their leadership roll (boxcars), and proceeded to run 11" .. yeup, right off the board ;-)  Hilarious moment, Noobhammer Gang will not soon forget.

2.  Getting it Right
So against the guys I play, I got bored of running Rune Priest, Grey Hunter, etc.  I threw Logan and some terms in a Land Raider Redeemer.  Fighting a close Annihilation game against Joe's nids.  He kept his Mawlok under ground to prevent giving up a VP.  It was that close.  His warriors, genestealers and Broodlord were already in my backfiled eating thru Long Fangs...  Turn 5, my LRR is finaly there...  I rolled up, Flamestorm, Heavy Flamer, Assualt... fin.

They freakin wiped EVERYTHING!  The awesomesauce!

1. Droppod Done Right!
Same game against Joe's nids (see moment 2. Getting it Right).  It was our first game at 1850 points.  That's ALOT of bugs, and Joe was trying out the Swamlord for the first time.  Spearhead deployment, he hides the SwarmLord behind a Trygon for cover.

I get first turn.  I drop my lone pod of 'shooty' Terminators 10" behind his SwarmLord (no cover from this angle), and proceed to epic roll combi plasma and assault cannon downing the SwarmLord before his first movement phase.  I just remember Joe's simple "that sucked"...

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