Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Been Awhile

So got promoted at work (yay!), but has left me a bit busy.  I have been tinkering around with some Wolves.  Played a fun list with Logan and 12 or so Terminators (long fangs n' such to fill in).  It was alot of fun, and a departure from what a normally play.

Fun to me is any list that is a departure from what I may normally play.  So normally it's Grey Hunters in Rhino's, Long Fangs galore, throw in melta and a Rune Priest or two and BAM!

That has gotten bit tired.  I need to mix it up, keep it fresh :-)

I've got alot on the paint table, and with some time freed up, need to get it organized and take some pictures.  Keep an eye out.


Not finished yet, but so far so good.

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