Thursday, March 31, 2011

Face Value

See the comments in this post.  Blogger answers a question plainly, using the rulebook... and the picking apart of the each syllable of the rules begins in the comments.

One thing that I dislike generally in this game, thou it's not prevalent in our gaming group... why I generally don't play outside of it.

Is how people will just pick the rules apart when the rule is obvious.  I find it ironic that 99% of the time the person(s) picking the rule apart, is trying to help the army they play.

I recently read a post whereas someone was asking a question about assault vehicles, specifically the Land Raider.  He wanted to know "Can I move 12", dump my guys, and Assault".  A poster responded that he could not do that... about 8 posts later of arguments, he explained you can't "dump" troops... you can "disembark".

While there are some good peeps that play this game, there are alot of socially inept, rude, smelly turds as well.

Thankfully, I haven't played against one directly yet... well, at least the one I did had good hygiene.

If you have followed that post, read the comments, and feel the need to "clarify" something about that rule... give yourself a quick "sniff", make sure you don't need to shower.


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