Sunday, March 27, 2011

Games Play, Picked up a Brush

I've taken about a two week break from painting and it has been nice.  Just to get stuff done around the house, and play a couple of games in between.

Played a good Chaos vs. Tyranids... I play against Tyranids ALOT!

I ran a DP (wings/lash), two squads of Berzerkers (Rhino/Land Raider), squad of CSM w/ Rhine (MoS), 8xDaemonettes, and round it out with two Defilers.

This list proved to be freakishly devastating against Nids.  Defilers actually didn't do much, Zerkers with an Assault vehicle stomped.  Daemonettes did their job, as well as the CSM with MoS (initiative 5).

Second game, the group mixed things up a bit.  Our Nid player Joe joined me for some SW action, and see how it is from my side of the table, while Ben wanted to try Joe's nids.  The only thing Ben knows of Nids is what he's seen against them.

I brought two lists, Joe rolled for which one to use.. Wolfstar.

This was a one-sided battle that started off horribly (rolling), but in the end we won, only losing two models.

After a two week hiatus, decided to paint up a couple of 'shooty' Terminators.  I have plently of Assault Terminators, so thought I would use the last bits I had laying around to paint up two guys with guns.

Some base colors done.

Red WarPaint

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