Sunday, March 6, 2011

1G Month Two, Tyranids


Month two I was painting alot of big bugs.  I can't convey how much I enjoy painting Tyranids.  The simplicity and the results is just amazing.  Good color scheme that I really dig, plus some simple highlighting, and lastly some "dip"..  Produces a great mini for the tabletop, it's just amazing.

I had painted a Mawlok last month, that makes into this month, however did overdo it.  I painted a Carnifex (also double as a Tervigon), and Trygon/Prime.  I didn't neglect the small guys, finding time to add five more Genestealers and a Broodlord to the list.  On the table this mini-Monster Mash is loads of fun to play.. just ask Joe!

Last month in the back, This months mini's up front
Trygon and Mawlok (note, mouths are NOT glued for easy swap)
Carnifex (note arms are magnetized)
Genestealers, note this month I did make a mistake.  I forgot the highlight prior to the dip :-(
Misc Pictures
Trygon or Trygon Prime

I did this AWESOME color blend on the Bonesword... that was ruined by the dip.  Have to be more careful.

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