Sunday, March 6, 2011

1G Month Two, Space Wolves

Space Wolves
Month two has seen me complete the four month requirement for Space Wolves.  I have a bit over 1850 painted to a "Table Top" quality.  I am missing some minor things, lenses, mud on tracks, etc., however I am happy with them and will continue to work on them.

Matt was cool enough to take pictures of the entire batch, so without further delay may I present the full gambit of my Space Wolves.

Space Wolves
Wolf Priest, Wolf Guard Battle Leader, and Rune Priest
Two Rhino's, Three ten man Grey Hunter Squads

Two Razorbacks for two five man Long Fang Squads
Two Drop Pods, carry Wolf Guard Terminators (8), or Blood Claws (8+Lukas and Wolf Priest)
Misc Pictures

Grey Hunters
Rune Priest
Wolf Priest
Wolf Guard


  1. Yea, these guys are "done" as far as 1G goes. I definitely want to revisit them when all is completed. Lot of details I missed, that I would like to improve upon :-)