Sunday, March 6, 2011

1G Month Two, Orks


Ugh, these guys have became the bane of Tale of One Gamer.  Orks are cool, and the models are great.. well, the newer models are great.  The older models are hideous maximus!  Unfortunately, I had a ton of old vehicles on hand, and used what I had available.  Last month I was able to get into a little motivating groove, this month I painted everything BUT these guys.  I did pull it out in the end, and got em' done.  so here are da Orks..


This month up front, last month waaay in the back behind Buggies
Warboss PK, actually had fun repainting this fig.
Three more of these Mattel looking bikes
Three Buggies look like this, Hasbro Warning ages 2 and Up
Another Truk, Nob and ...
Eleven more Boyz
Seven Stormboyz, guess Matt thought these guys sucked as this is the only close up pic, lol
Misc Pictures
Stormboys, Bikes and Buggies
Future's so bright, I gotta wear .. meh ;-)
Hmmm have to touch up his Eyepiece.. looks like poo
Meh II, the Electric Boogalooooo...
For Gork and Mork.. and the Lazy bum who missed the mold lines!  WAAAAAGH!


  1. Funny you say that about the rocket dude. I took three pics of them - all with the identical pose. I think I noticed them towards the end of the pictures and at that point had probably forgotten (or maybe it was the 5 brewskies!) what I had taken.