Monday, March 7, 2011

Chaos Color Schemes

This is where I suffer.  I'm color blind, so I typically have to search the net for schemes I like and note the colors used.

So, I venture out on my own to come up with a Slaneesh/Khorne (hehe I know) scheme.

This is what you get when you give a color blind guy paints...

NOT complete, Just base color for ideas


  1. Go with either silver or gold as a trim. Both just conflicts. Also on the split color paint, go with a black line between to seperate them, just a thin one to help make the colors stand out instead of blending into one another.

  2. yea, asked my wife after I posted. she agreed its to muddled. She says the colors aren't distinct enough. The colors are not blended together, they're just not distinct. I'm gonna try to darkin' up the L.Purple side.

  3. I have a purple line from Foundry Paint 19A-19C Royal Purple is the color, comes in a 3 pack. I think you can buy it at the War Store or buy it direct. Best to buy in bulk...I can advise you some REALLY good colors they sell. It is a very bright purple...

  4. thanks bro, gonna post another rework... think it's the last. I've made it darker, and looks alot better .. but still falls short.