Sunday, March 6, 2011

1G Month Two

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(Photo by Matt Galvin)
Month two is in the books.  I've finished all the Space Wolves requirements (1850), save for minor touch-ups here and there.  Orks at 1000 points.  Tyranid total is over a 1000 points.  Chaos total is more than the 1000 points.

I still have to gather up and organize all the photos' but wanted to get the full shot uploaded to show that I met the month two Deadline.

Month Two Paint List
Quick rundown of what I painted this past month

11xBoyz, 1xNob, 7xStormboyz, 3xBikez, 3xWarbuggies, 1xWarboss w/ PK, and a Truk.

Completed Rhino, Repainted Defiler, Kharn, repainted Land Raider

5xGenestealers, 1xCarnifex, 1xTrygon, 1xBroodlord

Space Wolves:
All touch up!  I was missing quite a bit of spots here and there.  Though I got most of it, but going thru the pics, I can see areas I missed.  Optics on Lascannon, mud on a trak, etc.

Final Thoughts
This past month was a bit of a struggle.  I'm still enjoying the painting, but have no real desire to paint Orks.  I found myself painting everything BUT Orks.

I was practicing Slaneesh color schemes on Chaos Terminators, painting blood drops on a Chaos Landraider, painting a Carnifex which isn't due for two months, etc.  Anything but painting Orks.  So I just sat down after work two nights in a row and knocked em' out.


  1. Well, your kicking ass bro! Putting anyone I know to shame...Everything is looking great! Now we just need to season you up and get you out to Anthem and other stores maybe a few tournaments!

  2. hahaha! Wish my gaming was as good. We're still cranking out games, and having a ton of fun! I do need to make it out, definitely when the painting is done! I'm just wrapping up the posts for all the armies tonight. Shooting to get em' done before bedtime :-)