Monday, March 14, 2011

It Was Fun..

It was fun while it lasted, but gotta throw in the towel.  Real life is creeping in, and the time I'm spending painting plastic models just seems less and less important.

Taking a break from it all.

I really appreciate everyone who followed along for the ride, and hope you enjoyed the bits I got to share.

As of today, I managed to finish 1500 Chaos, 1500 nids, 1850+ Space Wolves, and just over a 1000 Orks.  lol the bane of my painting existence.

Bloggin' out.



  1. oh NO! I'm a sad Panda now! Seriously, you did a great job and I can understand about taking a break and taking care of other things.

    I assume your still playing and maybe painting off and on but not as applied? If you ever want to get a game in let me know or if you want to hit a tournament with Chris and I (some of the others you met also). Let me know!

  2. Dude!!! Call me. Have an idea.

  3. Still playing... had a GREAT game with Joe n' Lars last night. Nids vs. CSM! What a smash yer face slugfest! Ended in a draw, which was fitting for the amount of carnage that was dealt out for four turns!

    I was letting things slack, spending so much time painting. Stuff around the house, family, work... and I wasn't "growing" a core army. Thou I have been more interested in playing CSM than SW :-)