Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Stuff

Top down picture of my painting table's surface
Saturday night Noobhammer game was awesome!  1500pt Chaos List vs. 1500 Tyranids list.  Chaos was rolling badly for the first few turns, but turned it around in the end.  It was a hard fought 3 objective/DoW deployment with Nids going first.

Chaos list was Khorne dominated (Ben and I shared), and we decided to run it as such.  Surging forward and pouring out Berserkers and Kharn into the heart of the Swarm. 

As it was getting late, we decided to at the BEGINNING of turn 5 to roll to see if the game would continue... I rolled, and it would've ended at Turn 5.  So looking at the board and the next movements Chaos would've pulled off the win being able to take 2 objectives.  Had the game gone on, it would have at least been a draw, or a Tyranid win! 

I've wrapped up all the Chaos/Tyranid requirements for the Month two deadline (and painted extra).  I have finally motivated myself to focus on Orks.  I've knocked out the Stormboys (they we're 80% done by the first week).  I'm about done with the three additional bikes and trukk, and have yet to come close to finishing the 11 boys and Nob. 

I figure I can have them all completed by Wednesday night, LW.  So long as nothing unexpected comes up, I am shooting to fnish the Termagants by Friday night.


  1. Your table is art!

    Had fun for sure last Sat. However, gotta admit Monster Mash is limiting. I like more figs on the table.
    Is Lars gunna be coming? 2v2 4 separate armies would be sweetness, especially 1500 each? :-D

  2. Yea, keep up the good work! Blowing me out of the water, Granted my wife is going to be out of town for 7 weeks and only back on the weekend. I figure after this week calms, I am going to be doing some painting to get caught up on some backlogged stuff.

  3. J, Monster Mash was awesome. You just need a Terv to plop out more troops, or break up squads. Playing multiple objectives is tough for your list. If you had ONE more turn, you would of had the objective on your right flank, and contested the other two. That list was awesome! We can do a 2v2, I just don't think they're entirely "fair", as I can team with your cc' and stack Long Fangs. May have to run out and pick up a 4x6 for the back patio.

    S, stinks she's outta town so long, but you will get painting done. I've been busy this week. Last night Brother-in-Laws Fireman testing, tonight church, Thursday night familiy night. I'm wrapping up Orks, and will have them done, but I'm actually motivated so I'm spending more time on lil' bits that's slowing me down. It's Wednesday, and I have to wrap em' up by Saturday night for pics! So I gotta hurry!

  4. You're really gonna make me take pics with my old broken camera aren't you... Should I plan on coming by on Saturday or do you want to do it another time?

  5. LOL! Well you taking pictures with your broken camera is still better than what I can do.

    We're hooking up Saturday at 4pm. You're more than welcome to come by, eat some pizza, drink a beer and take some pics. OR... you can just come for the pizza and beer :-) No pics necessary! More time to hang out!

    I really need to take the time and get my little studio setup at home. I was getting pretty good at pics, but then got lazy.