Friday, September 21, 2012

Air Brush

After selling my Space Wolf and Black Templar armies, I purchased an airbrush and compressor.  Thankfully, just one army more than covered it, with some scratch left over :-)

Here's what I am waiting to be delivered...

Badger Krome
Iwata Compressor

Picked the Krome due to the massive amount of great reviews AND cost.  Bang for your buck, it was an easy choice.  While it can do a 1" spread for priming, the needle is quite small.  Will be able to pull off some detail, but I anticipate alot of dry-tip issues.

Compressor was a bit tougher.  There were a ton of choices, and frankly it was just giving me a headache.  I settled on the Iwata Sprintjet pictured above.  Great reviews, quiet (compared to others), and auto shutoff.  Doesn't have a regulator, just the bleed off valve.

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