Saturday, September 8, 2012

Black Templar's For Sale

Next up is my Black Templar Army.  Ironically I think I fielded this army once.  Never the whole thing.
It was also the first "real" paint job I did.
Black Templars

Good Pain TT++

Marshal/Castellan (PS/MCBolter Banner)
Chaplain Term Armor (Croz/SB)
2xSword Brethren Term (PFxSB)
Champion (Custom)

6x Sword Brethren (mix of bp, cc, claws, pw)

Squad A:  (1xBP/CS, 1xFlamer, 7xBolter)
Squad B: (1xBP/CS, 9xBP/CS)
Squad C: (9xBP/CS, 1xPG)

5xNeos (BP/CC)

Misc Troops Hvy (1xLC, 1xMM, 1xML)

1xRazor (TLLC)
2xLand Speeder Typhoon, Missles removable w/ MM or HF options)

1x LRC (or) LRR magnatized

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