Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ebay Space Wolves Army

For those bidders that follow the blog link (I honestly didn't think anyone would, but hey cool!).
Models I painted in two months for 1G.. I think the was the Month 2 shot?

DO NOT BUY THE SPACE WOLVES CODEX!  It's included in the auction, I just forgot to list it!

Good Luck!  Stay in touch!  Send me pics of the Army in Action, and I'll post em' here :-)

To answer the Question, Matt Galvin isn't me.  Good friend of mine who's an amateur photographer, he took the really good pics :-)  If the pic doesn't have a watermark, then I took them.  I do take decent pics (if I may say so), and will do a post on how to setup lighting, camera settings, macro shots, etc.


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