Monday, September 17, 2012

Question, International Shipping

Looking for input on International Shipping.  I've been using USPS Priority Large Flat Rate.  My issue is with tracking.

They don't offer "complete" tracking of the item.  Essentially they give you a tracking code that tracks the package via Customs.  Code starts with a "Cxxxxx".

I can tell when the package leaves, arrives in customs destination country, and leaves customs destination country.

Is this cool?  I'm not familiar with International shipping, so not sure if this is the "norm".

Better alternatives?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  1. There isn't really any good alternatives....the US tracking system only really works in the US, thus why the "customs" is the only way to get any receipt back of where it is.

    If you did FedEx (or similar) you may could do something better for International tracking but the cost would go up (a great deal). Their companies are built to track better on the international way.

  2. I'll just see how USPS does. Just makes me nervous when I read the Google Reviews of all the St. Pete locations... YIKES!

    FedEx just too pricey.