Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ready to Start

Well awaiting for my Airbrush to arrive, finished prepping first batch of models.
Dark Vengeance, Dark Angels

Stocked up on supplies


  1. So jealous man! I have to take up Lee's off to airbrush with him and Ralf to learn....I want to buy a referbed compressor from northern tool and a good airbrush for Xmas...

    1. Seel some stuff. Seriously, if you're like me you have a ton of stuff... actually I bet you have a ton more :-)

      Put together some squads, possibly battleforce sized figs that you know will sell (ie PowerArmor). Sell them! For me it was hard as I was attached to my guys, but I've got plenty of pictures for memories.

      Sell em', get some scratch, and buy an AB ;-)