Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ebay Neverending Issues

It's almost funny now.  So my eBay account appears to be completely jacked.  I placed a bid on a an item, and I receive the confirmation email.  I check yesterday to see if I won.

Nope didn't win.  Winning bid was $13... my max bid... $17.  Huh?  So I login and check my "bids and offers" page.  Empty, zero bids shown.  I check the items "won/lost" page... Blank... zero.. nada.

So I'm thinking, ok something happened, didn't register whatever. 

So come into work this morning, and get an eBay email "You need to pay for your item".. oh boy... Winning bid... $14????

I click thru the process of payment, and it prompts me "Do you want to link your Paypal Account to eBay?"  .. Hmmm.. let me think.  Sure, that'd be great since they've been linked for 10 or so years, and I just linked my Seller account.  That'd be great eBay, please do this.

So I pay for the item, get the confirmation email that I paid... check my status page.  Blank, nothing, nada, ziltch... no bids, no winning items.. nothing.

This is just getting ridiculous now >.<

I have three more auctions hanging out, so I'm curious to see how these go.  If these give me problems with "", or "You've bid.." no you didn't "Yes You did", no you didn't "You, won pay up", nope no items here move along... then I'll just have to create a new account, and new paypal.

Unfortunate, as I'm hitting my eBay 14th Anniversary membership.


  1. Wow, you are a Ebay black cat!

    Maybe you should check out Bartertown. You only have to pay the Paypal fees then.

  2. Yea, I'm gonna spend more time on bartertown next couple of evenings. I was hoping to just clear out what I had on hand, get flickr and secondary blog up before taking the bartertown plunge.

    Moving up that timetable.

    Also ordering my airbrush and compressor today... still having settled on one yet:-(

    Debating between five badger and iwata models.

  3. Ironically I've NEVER had any issues with eBay prior to all this.

    I've only sold a few items, mostly a buyer thou.