Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ebay it's a Conspiracy!

So I've always been one of those guys that always has that ebay conspiracy thing going... You know, when you're bidding on an item, and then someone with 0 feedback starts driving up the price.

My first thought is always, "The seller is using a separate account to drive up the price!"... guess what.  It's happening on MY AUCTION!  I have a bidder from "down under" that's winning my auction and has ZERO feedback :-(

I don't want to deny the guy an opportunity, but I do have two concerns.  I've only sold a few items on ebay in my near 14 years as a member.  I've only had one "bad" experience, and it was with a member who had ZERO feedback.

Secondly, honestly if I were bidding on this auction a week ago, I would think it was suspect.  Now having seen it first hand from the seller perspective, I feel better about purchasing on eBay... but still doesn't help my auction.

I'm debating updating the description in my second auction, and asking people with ZERO feedback to refrain from bidding.  I was going to update my current auction, but unfortunately can't as it has less than 12 hours to completion.

I think I'll keep trucking along.  People have to start somewhere, and with the prices of GW products in Australia, I don't want to prevent someone from possibly getting a cool army for the cost of a couple of Land Raiders :-)

Footnote, I didn't realize as the seller you get to see the full member name of the person bidding, and where they are located.  Pretty Cool... and yes it's been that long since I sold something on eBay :-)

UPDATE!  After discussing with my friends here at work, they're no help, they've just added to the conspiracy...  "What if someone creates a new account on purpose to use his new ZERO feedback to stall an auction to get a better price!"... UGH!  This is an endless circle. 


  1. I would not worry about that to be honest. This could be a case of someone telling a friend, hey you want an army? Here is one at a good price. That person may be young (just 18 or a little after) that is looking for a good deal and signed up. I can't imagine someone inflating an auction that is not their own.

    Still the shipping to Australia will cause them a heart attack, while our dollar to theirs is on par shipping that far is very expensive.

  2. Thanks brother, not going to worry nothing I can do about it. Sure I can retract the bid, but honestly I picture some teen in Australia who can't afford this game, possibly getting a really cool Army to brag about :-)

    Yea, I believe the USPS Flat Rate to AUS is $60.95!

    I'm working on my Orks now for sale. I will break those down into units, Orks don't sell as well and the paintjobs are meh!

    After that, with the purcahse of an Airbrush, I'll more than likely be painting up DE for sale.

    That will leave me with zero armies. I gave my Nids to Joe for his Birthday, and gave my Chaos to Ben for his Birthday.

    With that.. I was thinking of picking up the Dark Angel stuff from DV and using that to make a 1000pt Army, as well as, paint and sell some squads on eBay. I have some great ideas for painting them ;-). Joe has offered give me his IG Battleforce, and I have a Leman Russ still in a box from like two years ago so that gives me some allies to fill out a list :-D

  3. hint... I responded to Les at APJ to use the automotive technique for realistic flames (like year or two ago)... I'm going to use this on my DE Raiders ;-) Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. Also, It doesn't make sense for someone to drive the price up on an auction so they pay more =P If they don't pay, offer it to the next lowest bidder at the price they bid. Also I hope I win!

  5. LOL! Exactly! BTW Good Luck, and I should mention, DO NOT BUY A CODEX! I forgot to list it in the auction. The Codex is included!

  6. Well, hit me up if you want to see the Chaos stuff...I may could use some extra stuff depending...mainly the cultists...but Chris may be interested or even my friend Lee *you met both at Cabanahammer*