Monday, September 17, 2012

Ebay Fail... Again ..

UPDATE!  Just realized this is still going to the wrong email address!  My email address in eBay is "", and the payment is being sent to "", with the incorrect "" as the payee..

I'm about ready to offer free database support and/or framework development to eBay.. sheesh!

So sold my second painted army, yay!  Got everything going, was hoping for smooth sailing...


Ebay did it again.  After the first issue I created an email address that was according to eBay standards.  Changed my email in eBay, and also added that email to my wife and I's paypal account.

So now I sell my Black Templar Army, I follow all the steps, send an invoice.. Great buyer, pays quickly.

I get a copy of the invoice this morning to the correct address.. AND  yup, you guessed it.. First line...


ARGH!  I checked account settings in Ebay and the address doesn't exist!  I did take the step of ensuring my paypal account was linked.  It appears it was linked for buying, but not for selling.. Ok, that's fine.  I forgot to link my paypal account, but c'mon.  Still sending payments from an email address that is no longer registered.

So offering free shipping again, customer comes first :-)

Just a lil rant.  Hopefully this will go better with my Orks. 


  1. Oh yea real pain. Buyer called me really cool. Even thou I think everything is fixed, bit nervous about my next sale.