Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ebay + Paypal = Expensive!

So things worked out, customer didn't seem to read the email to clearly, just canceled and paid the invoice I sent.  He was confused about the lack of shipping costs, had to explain again that I would pay shipping.

Everything worked out, taking the package to work with me so I can ship it out at lunch time and update customer with a tracking number.

How much did I make?  What does Ebay and Paypal charge?

Let's see.

+$535   Sold
-$21.17  (Paypal charge for the $535 transaction)
-$49.54 (Ebay Charge)

Left over... $464.29.  Now minus the shipping I had to pay due to my eBay account error.

Grand Total $403.34.

Yikes.  Last time I sold something on eBay (it's been yeeeeears), no matter how much you sold it for, you were charged things like 18 cents a picture, a buck for the listing... so you had more control over the cost, and it would come out to be $12 max daddy with pics.

In the future I won't be selling painted armies, only individual units or battleforce sized.  Starting bids will be alot higher.  Would've been better to learn this monetary lesson with my Orks, however no worries I'll keep trucking forward.

Footnote, I now understand why sellers cannot possibly give the discounts on 40k that I think they should give.  If ebay is charging 10% (9+listing fee) of the sell price, that's a 10% discount that you can't get.


  1. That is why of late buying from Ebay is not a deal really. The "fees" are hidden to the buyer and seller. The seller as you said has to pay Ebay and Paypal. So, they have in inflate their price right there (or they slip it into the shipping by pricing it a few dollars higher...what should cost $3 to ship, would cost $5-6 for example."

    I have done some selling on forums and sometimes I get bushwacked by international shipping. Seems the Postal Service site is not 100% accurate on shipping prices when you go online. I estimated about $30 for some books to the UK I sold for an RPG it was over $45....

    You may be better off looking at Bartertown or some other site to sell your painted figures. Bartertown charges no fees. So all there is is Paypal and Shipping.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Bartertown! I'm going to give them a look see this evening. I wanted to provide people with a well painted army for a decent price.

    I see poorly painted armies, and then High-end $3600 SNS jobs. I know personally I would want something in the middle. Bit better than tabletop with all the lil' extra personalized details.

    I just don't think that maybe possible with the eBay/Paypal fees, and why noboy does this.