Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ebay Fail!

So I was really thinking about doing painting part time to make some cash.  I enjoy painting more than playing, and I like playing.

Instead of selling for ridiculous prices, I want to fill a middle ground.  Offer well painted units, for reasonable prices.. No Golden Daemon $500 figs, but squads painted really well, for a good price.

I wanted to start off on the right foot... and I've already stumbled.

See back in 2007 ebay changed policy stating that your login and email can't be the same, because of scammers.  So sometime around 2009 I logged in to "impulse" buy an item, and it prompted me for a new email.  I put in my doomicon gmail address, and it was denied.  So I just threw in a temp address ""  (note, bogus+something isn't the real address, using as an example as if someone were to magically access the address, they'd get the money) and used that and purchased the item.  Heck, my paypal email address is the first one, no issues...

Fast forward to 2012 and SELLING (not buying).  So I sell my first item on eBay.  It moves to "pending payment" status... only I don't get an email?  I login to Paypal.. nothing .. nada.

I started searching and found this:

I checked my email, and lo it was the broken one.  I changed it, and as SOON as I changed it, I received an email that payment was sent to...


You've received new funds!

Simply click the link below and complete PayPal's one-page registration form to claim your money:

So yup.. the funds are waiting for "" .. an email that is bogus (yes it has a "+" sign).

So I had to send a 'I completely fail' email to my first customer, and explained the situation.

Technically the customer can just give me a negative ding.  Hopefully they won't.  I offered to send a bunch of SW sprues on my dime.  Since the box is packed so tight I couldn't fit a Bolt Pistol if I wanted to.

So sold for $535, cost me a little over $50 to sell on eBay, and I'll have to foot another $60 to send sprues.  But .. if it keeps my first customer happy, I'll fly to Australia with the package, and tell my wife I always wanted to take her to Austrilia :-) 


  1. If you need a porter to carry your baggage to Australia I am free as is my wife. Heheheh..

    Yea, that could always do an invoice on Paypal and send it to the winner so they have a record. Then fix your account later.

    You missed out someone at Anthem was looking for a painter for 50 odd bits of scenery.

  2. My account is fixed now, but didn't want to send an invoice until I had confirmation from the buyer they canceled the payment.

    Scenery YIKES! That's a lot. I'm not sure how fast I could paint that amount of scenery. Not sure I would have even made an attempt.