Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4G Update: Tale of One Gamer?

Month None

Tale of Four Gamers has been canceled due to various reasons.  While unfortunate it does provide me time to focus on some side projects so I'm tossing around the idea of "Tale of one Gamer"

That's right, One guy, FOUR Armies, FOUR Months... sorry no games, I'm not hopping from one side of the table to the other, and the BatReps would just be ridulous.. "My opponent was a mindreader, he anticipated my every move!"

I have various models, for various armies.  Some painted, most still on the sprue. 

Off the top of my head, based on what I have... Orks, Chaos, Black Templars, and Space Wolves.

However, I'm interested in Tyranids and Codex Marines.  With my BTs I can convert over to codex marines, and keep the color scheme... but maaaan I gotta ALOT of guys with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords.  Another option is Lars' Blood Angels, I don't imagine that he will paint them.  He's pretty absorbed with Black Ops.  Only negative.. I've never been interested in BA fluff  "Sparkly Vampires".

Cost is obviously an issue, but figure with various sites available for swapping, and the discounts at Anthem I may be ok.

Give me a few days to mull over the possibilities.  I have to see exactly what I have on hand, what I would have to build, cost, possible lists and is it even doable.  I'll be back with an update, until then you'll just have to put up with some random posts.


  1. All in good manner, but yes IF it did i would. Sorry to here that the 4G thing ended man that blows, great group of guys sometimes it beez like that! Go rambo commando and you lead an epic 1G just ally every few.

  2. hahaha... Yea, it's all good. Poo happens.

    No allies. I honestly would like to start from scratch, but cost prevents me.

    I just purchased Lars' Marine BattleForce, $60.

    I'm still bouncing around ideas. I have to find if it's feasible, come up with army lists, etc.

    One army I've ALWAYS WANTED TO DO.. Lamenters ( So I maybe starting at least one from scratch.


    The second page of the post has some nice Lamentors stuff on it. I've seen two very well painted armies. With the Iyandian Yellow it makes it a hell of alot easier!

    I am wanting to bu those Baadab books myself. I just fear I will be sucked into the Mantis Warriors then. I loved their fluff, the short story about them in the recent Marine short story novel....I just want them for the fluff bits more than anything. I am going to beg my wife to let me do a Forge World order for Valentine's day. Nothing say's I love you but Forge World! The toss up is getting cool models or buying the books!

    Sorry to hear the 4G thing is gone. Is your friends getting out of it? Or they are just not wanting to do it?

    AS for games, your always good to play at Anthem or if you want to arrange a game let me know. I think Cabanahammer is going to happen in the next month or two and your welcome to join in.

    As for a reset, if you need bolters and such let me know. I can help. Also, you can consider strippping some of the Templars if you need some models. I've done it several times. I stripped down my Salamanders (back when they was great for 3rd and they sucked in between), so the Dark Angels became interesting. My wife also was doing Rampagers (White Scars successor) and she got bored with it. So, after about a year+ I snagged her stuff, stripped it down and retooled it for various projects. Mainly my Dark Angels.

    Oh, I also have some leftover Templar stuff, also have tons of Ork Bitz and Chaos stuff, so if your looking for something let me know.

  4. No they're absolutely still playing, just real life and work gets in the way :-) And this hobby is a bit $$$.

    Honestly, I sorta just wanted to challenge myself. See what I can do.

    I'm staying away from the Baadab books!! No way, I read that fluff and I'll be doing 4 codex chapters hahaha.

    I've enjoyed the Lamenters since a short story in "Let the Galaxy Burn", and reading more about them on

    I enjoy some of the BA units, I think the Black Rage is cool. So figured I could use BA Codex, and do them Lamenters. (Thou flufwise the Lamentors aren't subject to those issues).

    Trying to find this site I ran across, some guy did a HUGE Lamenter army utilizing BA Codex. Great Army.

    Chaos stuff, I will be definitely be asking advice on soon!

  5. FYI, Cabanahammer is FTW, I'm definitely in anytime you plan on it!