Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Projects: Wolf Priest Done

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Wolf Priest done.  Sometimes I really wish I had the patience, but I don't.  If I can't knock it out in a couple hours, then I lose interest.  Either way it's tabletop ready, and I like the consistent look amongst the entire army, and I'm not going for an award :-)  

Weather is not permitting priming outside, so I haven't made much progress on all the toys I got for Christmas.  Started on a Razorback, just getting the interior ready for prime.  Guess I'll start on the others, I hate mould lines.  I do take the time to scrape em', but not enough.  There's no excuse for that, I gotta be more disciplined, I hate em'  and just when I think everything is done... I end up finding one that I missed.  

Example, when posting the above pic, I found two I had missed UGH!

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  1. Funny, I paint in "phases". Start with base coating stuff, then do something else, come back, work on anothe aspect. Leave, etc...

    Guess it is the Gemeni in me...always getting distracted.

  2. Same here brother! I grab a batch.. prime, basecoat, wash.. wait.. wash.. wait.. bronze, bronze etc. haha. Assembly line style!