Sunday, December 26, 2010

Upcoming Projects!

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Well with Christmas gifts opened, I have a few more items on my project table!  Squad of Devastator's (Long Fangs), two Rhino's, and two Razorbacks.

Painting vehicles with a brush eats up alot of paint!  As I haven't got enough of my SW Mix made, I'll have to "eyeball" mix some more :-(  Note to self, take precise measurements.  I had intended to, but couldn't find my lil' plunger with the ml measurements.  Good news is I have plenty mixed to compare with.  Shadow Grey+Space Wolves Grey+Skull White... unfortunately I can't remember if I added a touch of Mordian Blue or not o.O!

So the plan in order:
1.  Wrap up the Blood Claws
2.  Wrap up Lukas
3.  Build out, paint the Long Fangs
(All infantry models done!)
4.  Razorback

For the Razorback I want to paint the interior.  In the last book of the Space Wolf Omnibus, the description of the interior of a drop pod describes the mural on the interior depicting battles.  I want to do something along those lines.  Nothing crazy, but there is plenty of open area.  Maybe make use of some 'green stuff' .. I dunno.  Just bouncing around ideas :-)


  1. Quick question you want 1000 or 1250 for Thursday? I'll also bring along the Ravenwing also for the classic Lion and Wolf rivalary.

    Didn't get jack for Warhammer for Xmas, but short of one friend, nobody has a clue about it and avoids it. I get money to go buy what I want from DVDs, models, etc...Besides, my wife things I have too much stuff as is...she may be right.

    To save money, Chris and I have avoided buying Rhinos about 2 years back. For a few bucks more you get the Razorback, leave the top loose and you can flip back and forth. Same for the Whirlwind also. The Predator can have magnets to convert it to the same Rhino body or slap on some doors and put a Razorback or Whirlwind on top there also. There is always bitz places online but a bit more expensive to buy the sprue for something but still worthwhile investment to give more flexability to your list.

  2. I'm definitely NOT gluing the razorback turrents. Absolutely going to switch back n' forth. Vindicators are total fail compared with Preds, but ebay has the parts for Vindy's for like $15. So may up magnetizing more than I planned.

    Let's go for 1000, my BT vehicles are at the gaming palace, so just in case I can't pick em' up.

    But it's only Sunday... may have 1500 pts by Thursday lol! Not competitive but hey :-)