Monday, December 20, 2010

William King Come ON!

Ok I know the Space Wolves Omnibus books are older (1999),  but come on, the fluff has been out for ages.  GW earliest descriptions of Space Marines describes them as over 7ft tall, and if memory serves 8ft in power armor.

Sooo.. given that information.  When your asked to write about one of the cornerstones of the fluff (ie space marines), get it right.  Don't describe a female psyker as being "almost as tall", or an imposing Imperial Commander as being "taller than Sergeant..".. Reeeally, so Yao Ming is a Commissar?

I know it's being picky, but these are genetically enhanced super warriors... not just guys like on 'juice'.. ya know Jose and Barry.

First book was great, second book..story is great, but when you can't get the basics down.. meh.  I'll keep going and pretend I didn't read it, or that the commander is wearing some disco lifts or something.


  1. Pimp high pumps lol! Ah, that's good stuff and yes your right Space Marines are way taller then any puny human could imagine to be unless kidnapped by the Astartes to be made one. Sometimes writers just don't know what there talking about.

  2. Oh yea really frustrating, especially since the first book was great! I can remember reading the SM fluff in 90-91 stating how tall Space Marines were. This book is from 1999-2000. There are six books total, and last two are from a different author. I suspect it will be corrected a couple more books down the road.