Monday, December 27, 2010

Projects: Blood Claws

Blood Claws almost done.  Have to Boltgun Metal overbrush some of the grenedes and such, but otherwise fin. Yea, no eyeballs.  Until I find some well of patience overflowing deep inside me, or they happen to take down an HQ, no eyeballs.

Did some runes in yellow on their right shoulder pad to denote they're Blood Claws.  Also do a small rune on the back of the base.  This was on table top I can tell one pack from another.  I easily get mixed up with my Grey Hunters are mobbed in one area.  I'll have to snap a pick of that sometime.

As always click for larger images.  I've begun to scale them down a bit, as they were over 4000+ pixels in size before :-)

If you look closely, you'll notice a couple old wolfie heads in there ;-)

EDIT:  LOL, realized I goofed!  If you look in the last pick, you'll notice the cool trooper with the flamer, only he's supposed to be carrying a meltagun!  ugh!  failsauce!


  1. Those are great looking Blood Claws! I am thinking of buying next weekend some brass etchings that have Norse Runes on them. Figure one or two would do me well and are fairly cheap. Just glue them on and paint them after a good primer on the model. Save time as my free hand work sucks.

    Looking forward to a game or two against your Wolves. Let me know over the next day or two via PM on Anthem's board the points you want to play. I'll bring my 1000 Sons and Ravenwing both for rival battles of fluff. 8)

  2. Thanks! Let me know how the etched brass looks, I've been reallly tempted to pick some up from FW for vehicles.

    I'll have 1000pts handy, I'll shoot you a PM Wed, as I'm definitely planning on being there Thursday.