Friday, December 3, 2010

Space Wolves 750 Pt. List

Friendly games, here's my list for 750pt games this weekend.

Rune Priest: Power Armor, CC+BP, Fury & Jaws

5 Grey Hunters, 1xFlamer
1 PF

5 Grey Hunters, 1xFlamer
1 PF

Long Fangs, 2xLC, 2xPC (no missile models)
Razor, TLLC

Long Fang with Razor seems overkill, and cuts into my troop size, BUT play Chaos Player that fields a Defiler (Large Template S8, AP3) and DP. As well as, nid player that will field a Fix and HT.

My opponents will field same number of troop choices as I. I would drop the Razorback, however last match my Lascannons failed to hit or pen in three rounds of shooting.

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