Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Projects: Wolf Priest

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I didn't have a Wolf Priest so decided to scrounge up some bits to make one.  Here he is with the first ink wash.

I have to say I am more than a bit disappointed that so many models are unavailable.  Apparently this is common, thou in my opinion unacceptable.

Feel like I purchased a $900 Chess Set with pieces missing.  When I reach out to other players or even the manufacturer.. they tell you to just make your own pieces.  Pretty lame :-(

I do have a support call into Games Workshop, just curious how they will respond.  I had stated that I was new to the game, was starting a Space Wolves army.  However, I could not figure out how to:

a.  Field Long Fangs with Missile Launchers only, (they don't sell individual blisters).
b.  Calvary.

While I'm not personally interested in the calvary, I'm curious as to what their suggestion may be.


  1. Hey bro, like the Wolf Priest. Simple conversion, but a good one for early start. I had to coax Chris into converting stuff and he loves the idea of making custom stuff more than me. If you ever need help with bitz ideas or looking for something let me know i have a pile of stuff and may could help.

    As a fromer employee of GW to answer your question, they just can't make all the molds at once as this would eat into the "development" budget that they have to cast new molds over the year. They budget X commissions from the sculptors to make a one up, then that large model is turned into a test mold. Then they modify it until they are finished. The computer generated mold design helps but still they have to make the bit first to scan and add to the frame. They usually have 4 armies a year (2 Fantasy and 2 40k) that that they break out in quarters.

    The second reason is pacing for waves, if they put everything out at once, they would undercut all their sales with just too much product. Produce X amount this year, then new stuff the next then you spread out your sales #s and keep profits paced out instead of competing with one another.

    As for your question about Long Fangs, it sucks they only give you one missile in the set of Deveators. What Chris and I plan to do is order them from a company that we found They have a missile set for $2.50 (Tatical) and for about $5 the Devastaor set (only more expensive due to the backpack also). We are going to order a few for our Fangs. $12.50 gets you all you need for a full 5. Or buy 4 and a Tatical set for a 5th then use your leftover Wolf bitz to spruce them up. Then you have some extra models to create some new stuff. Get a Devastaor kit with 4 missiles for a Pack also, you get 6 sets of lets (even though the box claims 5) but you have the extra weapons if you want them. Your call really.

    I have had to trade and buy for a few combi meltas (now that is expensive to buy seperate, they can go up to $5). Yet, the only spot you can get them is on the commander sprue. I have found a company that I am thinking of buying some of their combis they made, they are modular, with magnents and you can then change out what you want for each modle (flamer, plasma or melta). They look pretty good. Chris also discovered if you have some Ork bitz (I have some) that you can trim down the barrels from some ork guns and with some conversion work make your own multi melta. Takes time, but saves money.

    As for the Thunderwolves, the scuttle I heard from my inside GW sources is that when the designers came up with the Thunderwolves it was too far beyond the deadline to start work on a new model. They only had Canius done and that they would have to wait until a second wave. I am suprised Forge World has not made them as they have seperate R&D from GW.

    There is some cool companies that have made some great looking models that people use. Chris and I went with Maxmini as they had the saddle with generic armored legs (that are marine legs) and for scale fits nicely. The others out there is just too large. There was some Russian woman selling another nice looking Thunderwolves on the net, but she was given a cease order by GW as she I think called them by name in her ads and did not obscure the model concept enough from GW's to be legal. It has to meet a certain percentage. I figure we may see a second wave this year or two with the Thunderwolves showing on the shelf.

  2. Oh btw there was a Wolf Priest, may could find one on Ebay or at some model swap website. They was a give away for Games Day if you attended. I hvae one. Very cool model.

  3. 13th Company Wolfen and the Games Day Wolf Priest best pup minis ever.

  4. Wow, I could definitely learn a bit of inner workings. Thou I'm sure we could also have some disagreements on marketing and sales strategies ;-)

    I found some links on BnC for the Wolf Mounts, some look really cool, but don't fit the fluff I got going. At the rate I'm going by the time I finish with this Second Omnibus, I'll have a footslogger Army with nothing but Long Fangs and Blood Claws :-)

    I saw ebay had a batch of 12+- Wulfen figs, but the bid got upto $178!

  5. These are the wolves Chris and I got:

    These are the heads we are going to order. They look very werewolf in apperance and fit the Wulfin Fluff. Slap on top of power armor and add claws!