Friday, December 17, 2010

4G Update: Space Wolves

Well I'm done painting my 500pts, and have most of the individual models completed all the way through to my 1500pt list.

Have two Rhinos, and two Razorbacks coming for Christmas to finish my base lists.

Currently facing a dilemma, do I go a lil'fluffy for my 1850 or... Uber Fluffy!  I'm really leaning towards the uber fluffy route.  I've read a ton online, and I know I could run WolfStar or 12+ Missile Launchers, 5man/Melta Rhinos, 2+ Rune Priests... but I have to be honest.  I'm a total noob... I wouldn't even know how to run these lists effectively. 

So might as well make something fluffy and fun, that will get some laughs, and learn the hard way.. then when I understand how things work together, and I decide to be more competitive I'll put a tougher list together that is more competitive.

This doesn't mean I'm going to make the Black Templar mistake of buying models that I will NEVER use, fluff or not... While I paint quickly, I don't like to paint stuff that just sits on a shelf.  I have learned in my illustrious 2-3 months of 40K you should build the list first.. this Game/Hobby is too expensive to invest money in something that NEVER gets used.

So if your new like me..  Figure out what works for you, fluffy or no, and build a list before you buy!


  1. Always, i MEAN always go the fluffy bunny route. It's always something to relate to and fun. Thats how i choose mine by asking myself what type of General in war i would be (from a exp. vet's view)in the battle? Hench why i play Harald Deathwolves all the way, i even restrict myself from several options cause it's not the "Devourer's" way (old name for Deathwolves)in battle. What chapter are you doing in wolves btw?

  2. Haven't decided yet! I was going to wait until I read the Space Wolves Trilogy.

    I haven't even developed a "story" yet. Sounds corny, but my Black Templars are all named haha. Have a spreadsheet that I created to track the wounded and promote neophytes :-)

    I played them four times, then switched over to Space Wolves. Trying to learn 5ED and use a 4ED codex was just too confusing.