Sunday, December 12, 2010


Some pictures of my Terminators. When I get sometime I will post the stages I go thru to paint them. Basically I paint figs VERY quickly. I personally like to get a good looking army out fast. The method I use I crank em' out 10x's as fast compared to how I used to paint. I feel the tradeoff is worth it. I see results quicker, less burnout, and get em' on the table faster.

You can see I haven't quite finished them (Storm Shield below), but I painted the Terminators, Drop Pod, and 6 Grey Wolves in a week.
With Drop Pod.


  1. If only i could whip mine up so neat and fast i would finally finish my Deathwolves. Good work whats the secret?

  2. No secret, I followed this wash method

    I personally like a thinned, layered look, but it takes toooo long for me. For knocking guys out quick, doing base colors and then washes, you can crank em' out quick. They don't look "great", but they'll look good and consistent.

    The link helped me with one thing that alluded me, that was a double layer of ink wash on the base color to get the blueness. (base color, blue wash, let it dry, then a black wash on top)

    Base color is darker than video, I use Shadow Grey/Space Wolves Grey/White. 2/3, 1/3, 1/3. Blue wash.. then a black wash. Gives it the base color I was looking for, and they look "rougher", not that powder baby blue you normally see :-)

    If you look closely, there isn't alot of detail, basically few basic colors (Dwarf Bronze, Calthan Brown, Bone White), with a Devlan Mud wash on them.

    Cool thing is, if you really want to step them up, you can always come back later and do more highlights on edges.

  3. Did I mention I hate doing eyeballs! Only three have their eyes done, I really have to be in a patient mood to do eyes lol!

  4. I just can't get faces down no matter the day. Oh well, it'll come to me one day.Great detail bro on the recipe, Maybe i'll see them closer one day.I intend on going up to Anthem's on thurs to do some painting or play a game if 40k is rockin'.