Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Projects: Razorback n' Long Fangs

Ok, long post.  This is what I got done tonight (note, I eat lunch at home.. so models were primed at lunchtime hehe).

Showing step by step my vehicle painting, partly so I remember what I did so I can recreate another three or so times.  As always click for larger.

Base coated with my SWMix, it's thinner than pot consistency, base coat with a large brush making sure it doesn't settle in the details.  Dries nice without brush strokes due to the thinness of the paint.  Takes two coats.

Next is the blue wash.  I wash the whole model using two larger brushes.  The smaller brush (Round 8) is for the .. smaller areas.  I leave the blue "puddled" on flat surfaces as I want this to show through on the final.   You'll notice I do the same on the next wash below.

Next is the black wash.  Same as above, entire model leaving some puddled on the flat areas.

Final is the dry brush.  First pass is with the original base color, second is Space Wolves Grey.  You'll notice you can see the various washes showing through.  I like this "aged" look.  Some of these vehicles are supposed to be thousands of years old.  I like the well maintained, but ancient vehicles.  Patrolling on Fenris outside the Fang :-)

Doors, not sure what to do with the doors.  I know I am supposed to use Black/White combo for Long Fang insignia, however I imagine this vehicle will spend most of it's time as a Rhino carrying Grey Hunters... So.

I used Red Gore, which like all yellow/red Citidal pigments blows hard!  Consistency sucks, thinking of investing in Reaper or Vallejo reds.. anyway... I basically put on a thick coat, let it sorta dry, then stippled with a brush.  Going for a "rough" appearance.

Long Fangs who are gonna ride inside, got their basecoat tonight.  Had time while waiting for ink washes to dry.

Ok long post, sorry.. but got a bit done tonight, tomorrow headin up to Anthem to get schooled.  I'm anxious to play veteran players.  I've only played in our noob group, and know we've probably been doing stuff wrong.  So I'll be taking notes :-)


  1. Try the Citadel Foundation Paints, the yellow and red for them work really well and are less opaque than their standard colors. They put more base texture into the pigmant that helps the color go on easier.

    I see you have not hit Anthem's site yet. Just in case, what time will you be there? What points do you want? I generated a 1k adn 1250ts lists.

  2. I posted this morning. I use the Citadel Foundation for the Brown and Yellow. I use the Iyandan Yellow for the shoulder pads n' such, it has a great "earthy" tone to it. Not bright.

    I wasn't aware of the red, but just looked it up, Mechrite Red. May just invest in the foundation bundle if I can find it for sale somewhere.