Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Painting Grey Hunters

I'm wrapping up the final four Grey Hunters for my list.  Typically I do ten at a time, assembly line style.. "brown, brown, next fig, brown, brown, next fig".  Took some pics (missing a couple of steps), but you get the idea.  They look good (table top), and they're pretty easy to crank out.

At this stage, I've primed black, applied base color, and washed with Mordian Blue (terms get Asurmen Blue wash instead).  Next is to apply a Chaos Black ink wash, a dry brush with the original base color then ..
I apply Bleached Bone, Dwarf Bronze, and Calthan Brown to certian bits.  I will ink wash these with Delvan Mud wash to get something like...
The bits on the bolt pistol (boltgun metal), and chainsword (chainmail) get a black ink wash.  Above you can see I missed the wash on the chainsword :-).  

That's about it, love or hate dry brushing/wash methods, you can't argue how quick it is.  While I personally think the layered method looks better, I just can't crank out troops as fast.  Maybe I'll give layering a go on my next Army, and see if I can't get a bit faster with it.


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