Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So far...

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So far I have the following painted:

30 Grey Hunters:  2xPowerFist, 1xPowerWeapon, 3xFlamer, 3xMelta
8 Blood Claws:  1xPower Weapon, 1xFlamer
6 Wolf Guard Terminators
1 Wolf Lord Terminator Armor
1 Rune Priest
1 Wolf Priest
1 Drop Pod

Ok, so I went overboard on the Terminators, but they were great fun!  I just loved the minis, and had some extra Terminator bodies that allowed me to add a couple of more.

I went nuts on Infantry too, but I LOVE infantry.  They're so fluffy.  When my buddies and I first tried 40k it was fourth edition, we only played one game and never really learned the rules.  I do however seem to remember that you didn't have as much infantry.  In fifth you need troops to hold objectives, and the more the merrier.  

Blood Claws I just added because I finished the Space Wolf Omnibus, and started the second... Blood Claws are fluffy cool... Mathhammer fail from what I understand, but I don't care.. just the idea of these new pack members, still unable to control the Canis Helix, and frothing at the mouth for action.. Just fluffy awesomesauce!

Wolf Priest was an afterthought, I didn't have one and I like the idea of Chappy dudes.  Probably left over from Black Templars (Army I build never really played).  I enjoyed their fluff, and the idea of priests in Space Wolves is different in a cool way!

Still haven't decided which Wolf Lord this is.. I've bounced around a few, some are fluffy awesome but competitive fail.  Two of which seem cool, can't remember their names off the top of my head.  They are the last two in the codex prior to the 13th.

Sven 'something', as the idea of doing some runic tattoo's on their faces would be cool, like the dude in 13th Warrior. 

His competitive counterpart who loves flamers, and whose Grey Hunters earn a rite of passage.. Once they kill an enemy by flame, they earn the honor of painting thier faces Blood Red before battle... Come on, you gotta love that!


  1. Wow! Got more Space Wolves done than me! I've been slack of late with everything going on from the holidays, my wife's dad having hip surgery and helping the family out and spending time with the wife along with the Wii we bought a few weeks back.

    The Wolf Claws are fail to a point. Shooting wise you have an IG trooper in power armor with better stats. Still, if they can get somewhere their close combat matters very little as a WS 3 vs a WS 4 is still a 4+. Flamers require no to hit and a Wolf Guard can carry a combi melta and power fist along with a power weapon the squad fills out nicely.

    The major fail is the lack of ranged ability coupled with the BS 3. So, delivery becomes an issue that requires the investment of a Land Raider Crusader (for large squads), a drop pod or the Stealth IC skill to keep them alive to keep up their usefulness.

  2. Well I'm fortunate that I do paint rather quickly, and my wife is really cool with it. We have a big office that we share, so while she's doing her crafts, I'm painting. So we chat and spend time together.

    Funny you mention the droppod. I made a list putting the bloodclaws and Lukas in the pod. Since I only have 8 guys painted, it left a seat open. So tossed in the Wolf Priest, which is quite funny as I just painted him for fun/fluff. So it worked out in the end :-)