Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BatRep: Chaos vs Space Wolves

Have the week off, Lars and I got together to knock out a quick 1000pt game.  On the dining room table ;-)

He placed all terrain, and went waaaay overboard.  He fields a Defiler and he killed line of site with terrain.  This was really cool, instead of setting up for a tactical advantage.. he just set it up in a way he thought was cool n' fluffy....  then groaned during deployment haha.

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List Summaries:
Daemon Prince (wings/khorne), 15 Zerkers, 10 CSM, 5 Havoks (LCx2/HBx2), Defiler

Space Wolves (whatever I got painted)
WGBL(Term/Claws), 5xWGTerms/Droppid(2xTH/SS, 2xClaws, 1xAC), Grey Hunters(8+PF/Melta),
Grey Hunters(8+PF/Melta & Wolf Stand).


Seize Ground/Spearhead.  Lars(Chaos) won roll, went first.  Four objectives (stars).

Lars(Chaos) totally screwed up, meh were noobs.  He got confused with deployment thinking I could deploy next to him (got mixed up from our three way games).  So he castled in the corner, and later determined he picked the worst corner.. furthest from the objectives.

I placed my Grey Hunters for one Objective cap, the WGBL and GH headed for the woods for the second (woods marked by the lil' sponges), put Long Fangs in the building to cover approaches to the objectives and the one to their right.  Planned on dropping the Termy's to contest the third objective.

Progression (Multiple Turns)...

(Failed to steal initiative)
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Turn 1
Lars, send DP/Zerks towards the wooded objective on my side.  This surprised me, thought he would head straight forward.  Defiler moves forward for a couple turns looking for a clear shot.  CSM's move towards the woods to seize an objective.

Rob (SW), Troops all move towards their respective objectives.  Pod drops right next to the one I want to contest.  DP is visible and Long Fangs pop a couple of shots, inflicting two wounds.

Turn 2
Lars, send DP/Zerks towards the wooded objective.  Defiler keeps moving forward, CSM hide behind the woods.  Havoks move out of the building to get some shots.

Rob, I move my AC Termy for a shot at the zerks, he takes two of them out.  Long Fangs take out another 6.. Plasma Cannon was Awesomesauce!  (see '1' image below) I know he is going to assault my doodz.  I had to get them in cover, and thin out some troops.

Turn 3 and 4 (didn't take good notes, so summary)

Lars Assaults my doodz in the woods (see '2', image below), remarkably no leadership check it's a draw.  Both sides inflicting 5 wounds.  Figure that we'll wipe each other next turn, so I start to spread out my other GH as they can cover both objectives.

Lars is anxious to get a shot off with the defiler, so instead of running.  He stops to shoot the Autocannon.  Big mistake, as he doesn't cause a wound, and takes to LC shots in return, getting wrecked (see '3', image below).  Termy's take cover.  CSM move into woods to start shooting.

(NOTE:  Click for Larger Images!)

Lars rolls HORRIBLY with DP... WGBL and DP both Initiative 5 strike at the same time  (figured I would get wiped but take the DP and one remaining fearless zerker with me).  I cause 2 rends, and one wound (DP had one remaining), he hits 4, but rolls ones, only causing 2 wounds.  Again (if we are playing correctly, no leadership test, as we win and assault Ld checks are separate from 25% losses from shooting).  Just to make sure I roll a Ld check, pass.

His Havoks and CSM waste three of my Long Fangs, but they stick around.  Return fire PC's take out all but one of his Havoks.  He passes Ld (thou he was below 50%, not sure if screwed that up, if I remember you can't regroup if your below 50%, he never failed Ld check) and he stays on the board.  

Lars hasn't much left, one troop choice and a LC Havok.  He calls it as I hold two objectives, and contest one.  After seeing the damage the WGBL in Term Armour did, he doesn't attempt to dislodge the Terms contesting.

Victory for the Son's of Russ!

Lars:  "I totally goofed, forgot the spearhead deployment.. put way too much terrain on the board, left my DP in LoS when it would have been easy to hang him back.  Forgot about assaulting units in Cover."

Rob:  "Win or Lose I was just happy rolling was decent for both sides.  Last couple of games, I was wiffing ALOT.  I stuck to my game plan, something I have trouble doing.  I guess I'm still used to Orks in epic.  I want to charge forward and waste guys.  I almost moved my Terminators to cut off Defiler and CSM's.  That would've been a huge mistake that would have opened my flank.  Instead I just told myself to stick with the plan, and it worked.  It shutdown the whole side from Lars."

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