Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thought I'd give some background on the fluffy stuff.  While I am a total noob to Warhammer 40k the Game, I am not new to the stories and fluff.

I have been familiar with the background and fluff for years, and have read numerous Black Library books.  I'd have to say personally it's what peeked my interest in Space Marines.  Orks and Chaos always interested me, and Space Marines just came across as boring and noobish.. Until I read some good books.

Off the top of my head, I've read:
Soul Drinkers Omnibus, Ultramarines series, Daemon World, Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy in Flames, Lord of the Night, Angels of Darkness, Let the Galaxy Burn, Helsreach.  I'm probably missing a few :-)

'Lord of the Night' was one of my favorites, it's an older one but absolutely fantastic, and one reason why I considered a Night Lords army.

Just picked up the 'Space Wolves Omnibus', I enjoy their fluff and hopefully the story is good.  I already invested quite a bit in them.


  1. A Thousands Son's then Prospero Burn's, in that order to read are good picks to give a great idea of the man, Leman Russ and his wolf children. The codex, big rule book and old books like "Eye of Terror" and others are great stepping stones to understanding your chapter. I know, it's a expensive hobby, believe me i know but when i started i bought a old Njal model and Logan i loved their story, so through the years i found more information on them and ran 13th company because i love feral army's. Now it's apparent people don't change so i have Deathwolves, Dorks, and Strigoi for my fantasy army which is pure non twilight(you know glittery) vampire's. I'm just saying what ever you pick make sure you have fun with it and to you it's cool to look at. As far as army building, first i emphasize fluff to my building because having a story behind the brutal little dudes is cool, second i write a list to my liking and i proxy everything just about and play draft play to form a competitive but my flavor of a list. Keep playing and having fun!

  2. Thanks bro! It's gonna take a bit to decide what great company to do. Narrowed it down to four :-)