Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ultramarines the Movie

(NO spoilers!)

Thursday night the 4G fellas got together at my place to eat, drink, and watch Ultramarines the Movie.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  While the CGI is not Pixar/ToyStory quality, it is good and the story was fantastic.  It was not mindless action, and what I would have expected from a writer such as Dan Abnett!

Really good movie, GREAT voice acting!  Highly recommend to anyone who is (or isn't) a fan of 40k.

My wife, who knows little about 40k watched and enjoyed the movie.  She thought it was a good movie and really enjoyed the story and characters.  Gave her some insight in this game of plastic toy soldiers we play, and you don't have to know all the backstory or lingo to understand the movie.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I am on hold to buy a copy until the spring edition comes out. Had an offer to go see it on Friday morning at a friends but just too much going on. Hoping I can find someone to watch it. From what I saw it looked cool, some people griped about the graphics and the bolter sounds along with some of the other minor things but oh well. It's the first movie so you have to give some ground.

    I have been inspired to blog also. Going to be my New Years resolution. Calling it "Army of the Week" as my friend jokes that I work on "This and that army" so I named it in ode. Setup is nice, going to try the first prelude blog in perhaps tonight on my new laptop I got this morning.

    Looking forward to Thursday, with luck we can get a game in. Perhaps as I said 1000 Sons against Space Wolves.

  2. Heyoh! I can let you borrow my copy. I tell everyone "As long as you don't expect a multimillion dollar Pixar quality CGI, you'll enjoy the movie!"

    I shooting for this Thursday, I should have my 1000pt 4G list. I am still "scraping the bottom of the barrel" for 1250, but would like to get a game in against ANYONE with more than 10 or so games experience :-)

    Thousand Sons would be awesome! I still have some Rubric Marines in the project hopper :-) Nice figs!

    You didn't post the link to your blog :-)

  3. If I can borrow it that would be great.

    Blog link:

    Nothing really there yet, still doing the setup to see what I like.

    As for Space Pups, since I will be there if you need to borrow some fuzzy boyz to play a larger game by all means let me know and I shall bring some stuff. I have 5 Long Fangs with missiles painted, 4 Wolf Guard with fists and combi meltas, a Speeder with a flamer/multi melta. I have other things but unpainted. Lots of squads, Bloodclaw pack, Rhinos, Razorbacks, characters ask and I am sure I will be able to have something with me. If Chris cannot make it I could even ask to borrow his Thunderwolf calv if you want to try them out.

  4. I better keep it small! I've run speeders twice with my Black Templars. Really like em' MM's, quick, one shot wonders :-) But enemy has to deal with them.

    Buddy of mine might come along. He plays Nids.